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Save your Teeth Gum from bleeding

Save your Teeth Gum from bleeding

Save your Teeth Gum from bleeding . Bleeding gums are problem for mostly many people  in the world and it is very painful  . In today post i will tell you to stop gum bleeding by home remedies . These are very simple and easy to use  tips for stopping gum bleeding .Bleeding gum is a common disease. For its cure a home remedy which we use in our homes includes this remedy . This home remedy ingredients are :

Take Kalonji 1 tablespoon and honey 1 tablespoon .Mix it with water and heat it till boil . Then allow it to cool  . Take this  mixture into your mouth . Then pour out and repeat this process two to three times  . It will stop gum bleeding.  Some more other tips are  written in this post which are good for your teeth are listed below :

Save your Teeth Gum from bleeding


1 :Add 12.5 g alum , 12.5 g salt , 12.5 g black pepper mix and grind them and use this paste on your teeth . After 15 minutes wash your teeth with light warm water.Within few days your teeth gum stop bleeding.

2: Secondly take 4 to 5 little pieces of Potassium per magnate  mix in water and rise this water into mouth for few minutes . Your gum stop bleeding…

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