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Home Remedies For Burns

Home Remedies For Burns

Home Remedies For Burns . Accidents occurs at any time and at any place specially in kitchen when you are cooking . Minor burns are routine of kitchen women or house wife. In kitchen hand burn mostly during cooking . In today post I will tell you some home tips or remedies for minor burn during kitchen work  or some other minor burn . You can get rid of these burn pain in no time with simple home remedies . These tips are as follows :

Honey : 

Honey is an antiseptic and it has a power to heal minor burns and also hurts . After burn rub honey on burnt place . It is  a good healer for burns and hurts .

hand burnt area

Vinegar : 

Vinegar is present in every house . It is an important part of your kitchen . Take vinegar and add some water in it and make it thin and apply at the burnt place .Don’t apply direct vinegar on effected area but take a clean cloth dip this cloth in vinegar and wrap it on effected place . After some time again dip cloth into vinegar and lightly rub on the effected area . Also consult your doctor  before applying any home remedy .

Aloe vera : 

Aloe vera have a great healing power . Apply aloe vera paste directly on burnt place . It will heal your burnt place and also decrease irritation . Fresh aloe vera paste is more effective .

lavender oil : 

lavender oil is popular for its good smell but it has power of soothing minor burn .Apply lavender oil on burnt place it will heal your burn . You can apply it repeatedly and if we add vitamin A and C in in it before applying its benefits  increases and healing process is fast .

Banana peel :

Banana peel is also a great healer of minor burns . If you place banana peel on your burnt skin .It will sooth minor burn till its peel become black .

Tooth paste :

Yet not popular but another way of treating burn . After burn immediately apply tooth paste on burnt place .It will heal burnt area .

Yogurt : 

When you apply yogurt on your burnt skin . It will help you to heal burnt place and give softness and decrease irritation  and minor burn become healed . Get more home remedies 

I hope these home remedies will help you at home when no doctor is available immediately you can get benefits from these home remedies .




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