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Stress Home Remedies

Stress Home Remedies

Stress Home Remedies . Stress is a basic problem of today generation . There are many reason of stress and almost 5 person out of 6 are facing problems of stress . Stress are of different types and doctors prescribe many expensive medicine for stress which is out of range of a common man . In today post  I will tell you some tips to avoid stress and enjoy stress free life . These tips overcome stress of your life .Stress Home Remedies

Ginger : Add 1/3 cup ginger and 1/3 cup baking soda to a hot bath for relaxation . Ginger is best for for anxiety and stress

Brahmi:Rub little brahmi oil or castor oil on the soles of your feet at bed time

Oil rubbing  on your feet is best cure for stress

Sage : Drink a tea made from sage leaves sweetened with honey

Basil : Chew 10- 12 leaves of basil (tulsi) leaves twice a day

Lavender: Place a drop of lavender essentional oil on a handkerchief or tissue and inhale as often as desired.

Chamomile : Drink Chamomile tea, it has a calming effect and acts as a mild sedative

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