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Jokes of Pathan

Jokes of Pathan

Jokes of Pathan. jokes are full of life .They always make you happy and put smile on your face Some jokes of pathan are added here .I hope you enjoy it. Jokes are actually called latefy in urdu language whose main purpose is to make people laugh . As our website is about entertainment and provides real entertainment to our readers and help our reader to entertain when they visit our website so providing jokes and lateefay to our providers in a different way always amuse our Pakistani readers. All  type  of lateefay is added in this category and you got your desired lateefay in this category . We are trying to provide you best and latest collection of lateefay and jokes of the year. We wanted to give you  thousands of mazahiya lateefay for our website readers, making this website as the biggest and good source of Pakistani Urdu Jokes. Aristotle said man is a social animal by nature. Working continuously causes anxiety, stress, which is a major causes of depression . There is a proverb that says, a sound mind lives in a sound body and it can be possible if we are relaxed. So for relaxation we want entertainment and jokes and lateefay are  best entertainment for our readers .

Funny Pathan jokes collection

Pathan are very sweet people . people make funny lateefay and jokes on them .here is a large collection of pathan jokes . you can enjoy it very much . provides you full entertainment beacuse moonlightforall is a real entertainment provider. we provide you english quotes about problems , english quotes  about love , english quotes  about friends , english quotes  about beliefs , english quotes about parents , english quotes  about different topics in picture format. we also give you facebook status about friends. Funny Jokes in Urdu Mazahiya Pakistani Lateefay 2016 . check best urdu lateefay 2016 funny lateefay 2016 most funny images husband wife lateefay Pathan lateefay.For more jokes & latify  visit

Jokes of Pathan

A Pathan to air hostess: your face matches with my wife face . Air hostess  Shut up Pathan Not only face but your tongue also matches with my wife You are so rude.

Pathan air hostess se tumhara shakl hamari biwi se milta hai.  Air hostess bakwas band karo . Pathan MashAllah zuban bhi milta hai hahahaha..

Jokes of Pathan

Pathan to shopkeeper : I want to download songs in my phone

Shop keeper ok: If you have  a card or not

Pathan : Which card

Shopkeeper: memory card

Pathan : not memory card but I have a ID card download them in it…

Pathan dukandar se mujhy gany dowload karwny hai . Dukandar ok :kia tumhary pas card hai

Pathan konsa card dukandar memory card pathan : nahi shahnakhti card hai hahaha….

Jokes of Pathan

Wife to husband when is the season of Chillies ?

Husband there is no season of Chiilies when someone speaks truth Chillies(michain) attack on the person

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