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Almond a healthy Nut good for health

Almond a healthy Nut good for health

Almond a healthy Nut good for health . Almond is  a very healthy nut very much beneficial for health . Almond contain fibers , proteins  and vitamin necessary for health . Almond have many uses  . It is used for lowering cholesterol , lower blood sugar level and blood  pressure  . Its health effects also include lower the risk of heart attack . It reduces hunger and automatically help in weight loss . It is full of antioxidants and vitamin E which protect cell membrane from damage . It is good for brain power as in early age parents tell that take almond it is very good for your brain . Take it daily .  Some other uses are listed below  :

Almond a healthy Nut good for health
Having almonds in your diet as snacks may help to fight against diabetes and heart disease : Almond help to increase insulin sensitivity in people with higher risk of diabetes.
Also almond may decrease the levels of LDL(bad cholesterol)in the blood.If you want a snack that fills you up.almond are good bet.The Harvard school of public health reports that the high level of protein in almonds(10g per serving compared with 3 to 7 g in to other nuts) may boost satiety because protein may help to slow digestion.

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