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Manqabat e Imam Hussain

Manqabat e Imam Hussain

Manqabat e Imam Hussain. The 9th and 10th Muharram is the day which remembers the Death of Son of Hazrat Ali R.A and Hazrat Fatima R.A, Hazrat Hassan R.A and Hazrat Zainab R.A brother and the grandson of ALLAH beloved last Prophet Hazrat MUHAMMAD Peace Be Upon Him, “Hazrat Hussain R.A” at the place of karbala during a war in the year 61 Hijri. Every person from every sect or from Every religion loves Hazrat Hussain R.A from the core of their heart and deeply feel for him.The Hindus and Christians wrote poetry on him in his love. One of the poet of Hindus Rajinder Kumar said

Is Qadar Roya Main Sun Kar Dastan e Qarbala

Main To Hindu Hi Raha Ankahain Hussaini Ho Gain


Qatal e Hussain asal main marge yazid hai

Islam zinda hota hai har Qarbala ke bad

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Hussain Tum Nahi Rahe Tumhara Ghar Nahi Raha

Magar Tumhare Bad Zalimon Ka Dar Nahi Raha

Manqabat e Imam Hussain

Afzal hai kul jahan se gharana Hussain ka

Nabion ka tajdar hai nana Hussain ka

Ik pal ki thi bas hakomat yazid ki

Sadiyan Hussain ki hain zamana Hussain ka

Manqabat e Imam Hussain

Nazar ka noor, Dill ka chain kehte hain

Nabi bhi apni ibadat ka zain kehte hain

Joo apni jan ganwa de hifazat e haq main

Usse to Dill ki lugat main Hussain kehte hain

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