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Ye Khel Ho Ga Nahi Dobara

Ye Khel Ho Ga Nahi Dobara

Ye Khel Ho Ga Nahi Dobara. Life is like a flickering candle , once it shows light and on the second moment their is only darkness , but life goes on. Life is a very beautiful gift which is given by the nature. It is the most special thing in this world for everyone. In this world all the people have their own special life. They face different difficulties at different time and also on the other hand they enjoy different beautiful things in their life. One person face different situations in their life some are easy and enjoyable situations but most of them are critical and difficult situations and even some time their are some situation which is full of sorrow. The poet says that Life is a very special gift but its time span is very small. Life is thing which changes its shape from centuries and comes in this world in different ways. It’s a precious things if it goes once then it never comes again to someone. If someone loses it then he never get it at any cost. The poet thinks that life is a game which a person played only one time and their is no chance for anyone to play it again.

Ye Khel Ho Ga Nahi Dobara

ye zindagi ajj joo tumharay

badan ki choti bari nason main machal rahi hai

tumhare payron say chal rahi hai

tumhari awaz main galay say nikal rahi hai

tumharay lafzon main dhal rahi hai

ye zindagi janay kitni sadiyon say

youn hi shaklain badal rahi hai

badalti shaklon badltay jismon main

chaltay phirte ye ik sahara

jo iss ghari naam hai tumhara

iss say sari chahl pehal hai

isi say roshan hai har nazara

sitaray toro ya ghar basao

qalam uthao ya sar jhukao

tumhari ankhon ki roshani tak hai khel sara

ye khel ho ga nahi dobara

ye khel ho ga nahi dobara

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