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Poetry About Father

Poetry About Father

Poetry About Father. You can also send these fathers day poetry wallpapers to your fathers as a surprise on his special day. Through these fathers day poetry wallpapers you can realize him that what is the importance of him in your life and you can’t live without him. He is the most important part of your life and in other words he is your life. Your life is incomplete without him and you can’t even imagine to live without him. He is not only your Father but also a good and best friend of you. You can share the secrets of your life with him. His story becomes the success story for your life you can get the true guidance from his life.

fathers day

mere nanhe hathon ko tham lena baba

main chalte chalte larkhra jata hun

Dear Father your hand is a great source of trust for me so don’t make this hand separate from me if it happens i will fall into a deep trouble. The father is the great gift of ALLAH Every child love his father. We provide you the fathers day poetry wallpapers in Urdu font on beautiful related pictures .These are the way to show the love of a child for his father. These are in good quality so you can share these fathers day poetry wallpapers on your Facebook and twitter and on other social media on the Happy Day of Father’s day.

Poetry About Father

Mere zindagi tum se ebarat hai

aqas ho tum mere bachpan ka

my dear son you are a great source of inspiration for my thoughts i will see my childhood in you.

Poetry About Father

zindagi kii dhop chaon main har jaga

wo kisi sae kii tarha mere sath hai rehte

as loneliness is the friend of a men alone times likely as the same case with my father he is just like to me as shadow of my life.

Poetry About Father

mujhe barish se bachane ke tag o do main

najane kitne tofano se lara hai wo shaks

no one knows my dads feelings for me he has save me through the ups and downs of my life since my childhood without bothering about himself. you can also download them by national poetry wallpaper  free download , love poetry wallpaper free download, sad poetry wallpaper free download . English poetry wallpaper free download , romantic funny poetry wallpaper free download, Punjabi poetry wallpaper free download .

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