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Khuda kary ke Mere Arz e Pak per Utray

Khuda kary ke Mere Arz e Pak per Utray

Khuda kary ke Mere Arz e Pak per Utray

Khuda kary KY Mere Arz e Pak per Utray. Best National Poetry Video. A beautiful poem written by Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi . he is a great poet . He writes many  type of poetry but his national poetry is of  great importance Here is a video of this poetry I hope you like it.

On 14th of August 1947 a great day in a history of Muslims. They got the that great achievement for which they were striving hard from a longer periods of time. They were under great pressure not by the Hindus but also they had a dream of freedom was also connected to them as a matter of do or die.
This period was a trialing and a very teasing period for the Muslims. But to a certain limit luck and  fortune was with them in shape of great history hero Quaid-e-Azam.
He never lose heart and connected to their people in this war of freedom. Whenever the history will be written his name will be included in those heroes who struggled hard for the freedom in any part of the world.
Muslim reach this great destination of freedom through act of 1947. In this great movement for freedom Muslims without any discrimination  sacrifices their lives for a their beloved Homeland name as Pakistan. The British and the Hindus at that time had to eject their weapons before this great freedom war.
In this post I share a beautiful poem of a great poet Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi sounds by Nauman Ahmad  . This poem is full of a patriotism and love for country .I hope you enjoy listening this poem and enjoy it . It is clear in this poem that poet is praying to God that my country live long and blossom like flower and remains ever green always . Whole pray of this poem is for country by poet .

Khuda Karay Kay Meri Arz-e-Pak Pay Utray

Woh Fasl-e-Gul Jissay Andesha-e-Zawwal Na Ho

Yahan Jo Phool Khillay Khila Rahay Sadiyon

Yahan Say Khizan Ko Guzarnay Ki Majaal Na Ho

Yahan Jo Sabza Ugay Hamesha Sabz Rahay

Aur Aisa Sabz Kay Jisski Koi Misaal Na Ho

Khuda Karay Kay Na Kham Ho Sir-e-Wiqar-e-Watan

Aur Iss Kay Husn Ko Tashweesh-e-Mah o Saal Na Ho

Har Aik Fard Ho Tahzeeb-o-Fun Ka Aouj-e-Kamaal

Koi Malool Na Ho, Koi Khasta Haal Na Ho

Khuda Karay Meray Aik Bhi Ham Watan Kay Liyay

Hayat Jurram Na Ho, Zindagi Wabaal Na Ho…!

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