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Tips For Better Sleep
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Tips For Better Sleep

Tips For Better Sleep

Tips For Better Sleep. An expert team of Kalifornia analyse about sleep and health of 11 lakh people and said that if they take 6 hours sleep it is enough for them.Young people that take 6 hours sleep live for long time than people taking 8 hours sleep.

Tips For Better Sleep

After study it is  find out that quality of sleep is more important than time of sleep .If your sleep is disturbed more and more then because of this disturbance there is risk of many diseases Like  heart diseases  ,cancer and overweight . If we take some precautionary measures before sleep  then we can enjoy a good and full of health sleep .

These precautionary measures are as follows :

Sharp Light 

Before sleep switch of sharp light half an hour earlier. If it is of mobile or tablet screen , tube light or an energy saver or tv screen. Expert says that only five minute sharp light  decrease the hormone “melatonin” in your body . This hormone is responsible for sleep in our body . the decrease in this hormone causes disturbance of sleep and effect quality of our sleep

Abid violence and quirreles :

Don’t see movies & dramas  full of violence dangerous and fearful  scenes before sleep . If you are interested in playing games then leave violent games half an hour before sleep. These activities  causes stimulation which disturb your sleep .

Exercise : 

If you want good sleep then don’t exercise before sleep  only some light exercises and yoga is prefered . But an interesting fact is that people exercise daily during daytime have good sleep at night . If you walk for 15 to 20 minutes It is good for your sleep also .

Use of Tea and Coffee:

Use tea and coffee before 2 O’ clock in afternoon Or use it only 8 hours before sleep .Other wise it is based on you to set your tea coffee time according to you before sleep.

Go to sleep Otherwise : 

The perfect time for sleep is from 10 : 30 to 11:00 If we don’t sleep in this time then a protein cortisol  increase in our body which keeps us awake till 2 ‘o clock .So to sleep at proper time is best for healthy sleep .Because proper sleep is the only reason which keep us fresh for whole day so sleep at proper time .

I hope these tips help you to take your proper sleep and be fresh for next day morning .

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