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Save Yourself from Angioplasty

Save Yourself from Angioplasty

Save Yourself from Angioplasty.It is noticeable that most of the death in the world is because of heart attack and its main reason is increase of cholesterol in blood you know many people their cholesterol is always increased in their blood and its possible your own family members are included in it .

Save yourself from angioplasty

Many  big and famous  medicine companies in America and Europe sales medicine of billion rupees to heart patients and gain huge profit. Absit  if your heart vein closed then doctors always suggest you angioplasty .In this operation  Surgeons put a stent in your closed pipe of  heart to open it .By this procedure blood circulate through closed veins of your heart .This stent cost about 33 dollars which is about 300 hundred rupees Pakistani . But in Indo-Pak subcontinent they cost 5 lakh rupees for this procedure and there is no guarantee of their success. After sometime it again troubles you and again a chance of heart attack increases.Doctors again advice Stent or open heart surgery. And patients are far away from health even by spending lot of money. As we know God  has created  lots of herbs and food items which not only fulfill our basic needs but also help us to maintain our health . For example ginger have capability of  thinning the blood .One more thing that is used in our kitchen usually is garlic in which  a compound Allicin is present which lower the cholesterol and lower high blood pressure and also have capability of opening the heart veins. In this way  in Lemon antioxidant  vitamin C and potassium clean the blood and also provide great immunity against diseases. In kitchen different vinegar are used but vinegar of apple is  very useful . specially this vinegar provides momentum to the muscles clean the stomach and remove tiredness.

About  honey Allah said in Quran: “Honey is best cure for people”.

These are our daily routine uses but they also have medicinal importance and by their help heart closed veins are also opened.

We have a home made syrup for you to open your clod veins of heart

Its recipe is take one cup lemon juice , one cup ginger juice , one cup garlic paste and apple vinegar put all in a pan and  cook them on low heat till it remains three  cup then cool it on room temperature and add honey in it and put all this paste in air tight jar and use it in morning before breakfast.  people who use this home remedy have a healthy heart and saved from angioplasty But if any emergency condition also visit a doctor .these home remedies have no side effect ….For more Articles visit



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