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7 Effective Drinks For Weight Loss

7 Effective Drinks For Weight Loss

7 Effective Drinks For Weight Loss.Weight gain is a major problem of many person in to days era.Every person is worried for its weight . People are using many techniques and medicine to lose weight but all in vain .Today in this post I will tell you some effective drinks to lose weight .You can lose much of your weight by drinking healthy drinks .


7 Effective Drinks For Weight Loss

Drink water before you start eating food . Drinking water before food will decrease your hunger and you eat less food.  It will automatically lose your weight . After drinking water your belly is full . According to research cold water is more effective for weight lose than warm water . At least 10 to 12 glass of water are necessary for a person to lose weight.

Fat Free Milk:

Fat free Milk

Calcium in milk decreases cholesterol in your body . Cholesterol is hormone which increases your weight and make you fat .If your cholesterol is low you fat burns easily and weight does’nt increases .Calcium in milk also decreases your hunger . It shows that fat free milk is also good for diet conscious people and they loose weight easily.

Green Tea:

green tea

Green tea is best for loosing weight .Drinking 2 to 3 cup of green tea in a day burn 35 to 45 percent of extra fat from your body. Caffeine in green tea not only increases fat burn process but also eliminate extra water from your body.

Drinks made up of Yogurt :

Drinks made up of Yougurt

Drinks made up from yogurt also lose weight .You can add strawberry , apple and banana to yogurt and make drink .It is very healthy and also effective for weight lose . Another drink made from yogurt called lassi is also very much effective and  healthy .Yogurt daily use can burn 61 % of  fat from your body .



As describe earlier caffeine lower your hunger . caffeine is present in coffee in large amount . As coffee  keep your body hot because of its hot nature . So its hot nature is helpful for burning fats .

Lemon Juice :

Lemon juice

Last but not least lemon juice  You can make lemon juice drink at home or many lemon juice drinks are available in market also . If you want to make lemon drink at home then recipe is here .This drink will help you to loose your weight with in no time .

Ingredients : 

Cucumber 1 piece

Lemon juice

Apple 2

Mint 2 to 3 leaves

Blend all these ingredients and drink it . I am sure it will help you to  lose weight . I hope these drinks are helpful for you .

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