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Smog Free Tower a sencillating technology

Smog Free Tower a sencillating technology

Amsterdam: Smog Free Tower a scintillating technology

Smog Free Tower a sencillating technology

Smog Free Tower a scintillating technology. A designer and creator in Holland  name “Don Roze Guard” has made a chimney like machine name “Smog Free tower” which clean up air with other function of  change atmospheric  contamination into fanciful jewelry. This  six cornered chimney looks like machine has height 23 feets. And it by using 1400 waat electricity it can clean upto 30 thousands cubic meter air. Like any Vacuum Cleaner it can snatch air inside and spreads out clean air by cleaning it by all the four sides of it.

According to Roze Guard there is a small positive current is placed in it.Which after entering in it adds the additional iron in the air present in the circuit. These iron particles attach with the  tiny particles of soil and carbon present in the  contaminated air. And when they reach the lower part of machine then the negative charged can take it towards it and make it separate from the air. Then it can taken to one place one corner in the machine.

According to Roze Guard this machine can make separate tiny particles of soil and carbon  from the contaminated air. Which has not done till yet and out of range from the advance filter machines till now. This will not ended on the talk of separating  tiny particles of soil and carbon  from the contaminated air But in the next step by changing it in four sided cubic box closed it in the plastic or glasses utensils. Afterwards in rings and clifings it can used and dispatch as precious pearl can prepared as “Atmospheric friends jeweler”. After the cleaning of 1000 cubic meter of air from this “Smog Free Tower” one dana or small seed like thing is produced.

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