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Health Tips For Healthy Heart

Health Tips For Healthy Heart

Health Tips For Healthy Heart . Heart plays a vital role in our life .so it is necessary for every person to protect and take good care of his heart there are some tips for healthy heart .

Health Tips For Healthy Heart


  • Avoid Smoking

People smoking on daily basis should avoid it  .It increases risk of heart attack.

  • Cut down on salt

Use less salt as much as you can. Because its excessive use is not good for healthy heart.

  • Limit your intake of Alcohol

If you are using alcohol .Then limit its quantity.

  • Be Physically Active

you should be physically active during the whole day . It is good for heart .

  • Monitor your BP ,BLood sugar & cholesterol

On regular basis check your Bp , cholesterol and blood pressure

  • Mange your stress level

Keep your self away from stress and tension

  • Check your family history for cardiac problems

See if there is any cardiac problem in your family or not .It also effect your heart problems.

  • Maintain a healthy weight

Maintain your weight . balanced weight is good for heart health

  • Exercise regularly. …

Do exercise on daily basis for better heart health.

  • Eat more fish. …

Make fish  a part of your meal and also use fish oil capsule . It is much important for your heart

By applying these tips I hope you can take good care of your heart

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