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Acne and Pimple Keep Skin Alive
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Acne and Pimple Keep Skin Alive

Acne and Pimple Keep Skin Alive

Acne and Pimple Keep Skin Alive  . London According to new research acne and pimples keep your skin alive . Acne that appears in adult age keep your skin more powerful in older age . So women that are using many expensive cream and lotion for pimples should avoid them according to new research .

In London King’s college Simone Ribeiro and companion research on 1,439 women  separately and discovered that girls with acne or pimples on their faces in adult age have a good skin in old age and their skin doesn’t get older in old age. According to research magazine (investigative dermatology) report it is said that girls with acne and pimples on their face in adult stage have long (Telomeres) in old stage .Now question arises what are telomeres .

Acne and Pimple Keep Skin Alive

what are telomeres?

Every living organism contain chromosomes  in its body cell . Human body contain  46 chromosomes in two pair . Each pair contain 23 chromosomes . Only red blood cell doesn’t contain chromosomes . Otherwise all parts of human body cell contain chromosomes . Telomeres are a region of repetitive nucleotide sequence at each end of chromosome . It not only save chromosomes to collide with each other but also protect chromosomes . It is also said to be caps of chromosomes . Every telomeres contain 11,000 nucleotide at birth time but with increasing age its divides and its number decreases .  Even when a person get older these nucleotide decrease to 2, 000 or more less .

Telomeres play an important role in aging process . How much your age is it biologically  depends on telomeres length . Telomeres  are basic reason to stop over aging effect  . Basically telomeres length is also called adultness. Many studies shown that smoking and over weight  increases the process  of telomeres shortening .  Due to which risk of high blood pressure , high sugar level and heart attack increases. National health service researcher knows from many years that acne and pimple in adult age decrease aging effect but don’t know its actual reason . But recent research done in King’s college London shows that Pimples in adult age decrease process of telomeres shortening which directly effect aging effect . Volunteers women and girls included in this study white blood cells chromosomes sample is when examined .It shows that girls with acne on face in adult age are not only look young in old age but also have 250 more nucleotide in their telomeres than girls with no acne on their face in adult age .

But Researcher Simone Ribeiro also said that girls should not make their face ugly  with acne and pimple after this research because this research is not final it is under process .So till  full study or report is not submitted .Girls take no severe action in hurry . It will effect their skin  .Girls should have patience till research is completed .


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