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How to reduce childhood obesity
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How to reduce childhood obesity

How to reduce childhood obesity

How to reduce childhood obesity . Obesity in any age is a serious threat to health of a person . But wait obesity in children is very dangerous for health of children . Childhood obesity not only affect physical health of a kid but also affect their  self image and self respect . It is observed that overweight kids are also depressed in many cases . Obesity is a serious threat to their life and it also continuous from childhood to adulthood .

Causes and Factors of obesity

Major cause of obesity in children is eating too much and exercising too little . Some other causes of obesity are their lifestyle , family history and it also depends on what they eat everyday . It is also notice that kids with obese parents or other family members are more overweight and obese . Overweight or high body weight are at the risk of many chronic diseases like diabetes , kidney diseases , cardiovascular diseases and cancer . Obese people have more threats of these diseases than normal people . Along with these diseases obese children are also at a risk of asthma , sleep disorder and joint pain . Research shows that most of the asthmatic patients are obese and are suffering from sleep disorders like snoring , extra weight around neck block their airways and disturb their sleep. Obese children also suffers from joint pain and have less ability to carry extra weight because of joint pain.

Approximately 4 million death are reported worldwide because of obesity and most of childhood obesity belongs to US where 13 % children are now suffering from obesity.

How to reduce childhood obesity

How to reduce childhood obesity

How to control obesity in childhood

The most important and essential step is to control eating habits of obese children . Parents should buy healthy and good food for their healthy and good life . For their healthy life parents should avoid soft drinks, junk food, juices and sweets. Even pure juices are also high in calories. Serve clean water and non-fat milk with meal for their healthy life. Parent should make efforts to give their children hand made food and cut fast food consumption from their lives. Eating together and preparing meal at home is not only a healthy and nutritional activity but you can also enjoy a good family time. Use fresh fruits, vegetables and food that are high in protein like fish and chicken. Also make brown rice whole wheat pasta and whole grain a necessary part of kids life.  You can also use low fat milk plain yogurt  low fat cheese in your diet.

50% chances that your obese or overweight child can lose weight . This is the first step towards a healthy and good life. Second step is to indulge your child in more physical activity like jogging workout exercise. Encourage your child to participate in more physical sport activities in colleges and schools.  children should at least spend one hour on exercise daily to remain healthy. Try activities in which the whole family can enjoy and bond together. It helps the children to bond with the family and also lose weight by hiking , swimming , playing cricket and some other sports activity. Limit screen time of your child so that he does not spend more time on watching television, playing games on computer or using smart phones or other devices. Instead your child should have to spend this time into some physical activity. These are the best ways to enjoy a healthy life and save your child from obesity. Try these ways and i am hundred percent sure that this will help you to overcome obesity.   Try more health relating issues , articles and health tips from my website health section Click the down button.





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