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Office Workers Motionless Life Decrease Their Life
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Office Workers Motionless Life Decrease Their Life

Office Workers Motionless Life Decrease Their Life

Office Workers Motionless Life Decrease Their Life . According to specialist the office workers works from 5 to 9 in offices . Motionless life is being captured by the infectious diseases like “life without work”. And this is the cause that deaths level scrolls up to 90,000 p/y in Great Britain which is unstoppable or not possible to stop .

Office Workers Motionless Life Decrease Their Life

The specialist said that those office workers that sits for 9 to 5 pm on the chair should have to take exercises for 1 hour a day to balance with this office work routine . These exercises include cycling and fast running or walking.According to specialist the death danger will decrease to 60% before the age of death.

The specialist said that if these person are not able to do these exercise in a day then they have another solution they will make a round in office timings around the other tables in the office . This will help them to relax their muscles and fresh all the day long in the office and they will be fresh . This can be said that Great Britain economy bears a loss of 1.7 arab pound p/y . And all the responsibility will be given up to this work full life.

The causes of this disease is cancer,HIV aids, sugar and brain tumor heart attack,abnormality of brain which is used name as (Dementia) included many others . In a report it is told that 37% of the mature people are spending their lives without exercises.Normally these people can even stand for 30 seconds in office . Afterwards late night they sit before the TV screens and don’t realizes the importance of exercise.

In a research it is come to know that ignoring the importance of exercise are making enough people die in comparison to die with cigarette . This is responsible for the death of 53 lac people and as same is the case with cigarette.According to a report the people who sit for 8 hours a day rather than those people who sits for approximately 4 hours will die sooner.

This danger can be decreased by exercising for 60 to 75 minutes per day and if it will extend up to 2 hours than what will be more better than it . The specialist said that due to this office life the human body stops to work his normal routine work . E.g to fulfill the requirement of oxygen in lungs. To Blood full of oxygen supply it in all the corners of the body,to digest food and crushing of pieces of food.

A specialist advice these people to please make some exercise or go for a jogging early in the morning before coming to office.This will not disturb their normal routine work.Other wise it is more dangerous than fatness.So with our routine work we should exercise daily to maintain a healthy life. I hope this article is useful for office working people.


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