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10 major mistakes women do in health matter

10 major mistakes women do in health matter

10 major mistakes women do in health matter. Womens do many things to maintain their health and beauty but they are always blaming that these things are of no use . These women should notice that by doing these wrong things their health and beauty are at stake . These things are as follows :

Drink less Water 

Drink water in adequate quantity is necessary for every person to live healthy life . Health expert says we should drink 8 glass approx.(2 liter ) water so that our body water requirement fulfills.But many women does not take it seriously and does not drink water even when they are thirsty . Drinking less water not only cause dehydration  but also fatigue and constipation. Drinking clean and bacteria free water is very essential and healthy for you .

Leave basic Meal and food 

Many women leave meal of one time on the name of diet . It is not beneficial for them but destroys their health. When you don’t eat food for one time it increases your hunger and you eat a lot  at other time .It increases your weight . So it is necessary to eat food at proper time and in proper quantity for good health .

Eat Unbalanced Diet

Women eat food at proper time and in proper quantity also have many problems but these problems are due to unbalanced and un hygienic food . Your food should be balanced diet .It includes all type of fruits ,vegetables , fibers and dry fruits and lentils. Because of balanced diet your body does not gain extra fats and your digestion system does not disturbed . It keeps you healthy and fit all the day long .

Not enough protein

In proper diet protein play an important role .It is necessary for both man and  women.But many women does not take proper quantity of protein in their routine diet . Protein full foods are egg , fish ,yogurt ,hen and milk . If you don’t eat these food daily  you can use it 2 to 3 times in a week . Keep in mind that protein not only keep you smart but also maintain sugar level in your body.

Proper quantity of carbohydrates 

Carbohydrates should also be diet of our daily routine in good quantity . Carbohydrate containing foods are potato , orange,  grapes fruit , banana , beans and different vegetables .These food should be part of our food in daily routine for good health . Large quantity of carbohydrates is also bad for health but low quantity cause fatigue , headache , nausea and many more …

Be aware of fats 

Fats effect your health very badly and fastly . Oily food and fast food is very bad for health it increases your cholesterol But an adequate quantity of fats is necessary for health . So we should use fats in daily diet don’t fully remove fat from our diet

Timeless food 

Food is how much proper and full of protein carbohydrate and all other ingredient but taken at wrong time is unhealthy . In eastern countries it is a tradition that first women give food to the family and then wash utensils then eat her meal .It is a bad news for them . They should take their food at proper time for their good health . She should take breakfast after sunrise in morning  lunch at 2 ‘o clock and dinner after sunset . This is proper time of taking their food .Wrong timing food can cause many problems for women health .

Proper exercise 

Proper exercise is necessary for women health .Women from middle class family work for whole day so they don’t need much exercise but a luxurious life enjoying women should exercise daily . Much exercise is destructive but 60 minutes a day is best exercise time for women for good and healthy life .

Lack of sleep 

7 hours sleep is necessary for every healthy person in life . But women in their routine work does’ t sleep properly which causes many problems and diseases . So women should sleep properly for their healthy life .If not at night they should sleep in day time hours when they  are free . It is necessary .

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