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Essential Vitamins For Human Health
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Essential Vitamins For Human Health

Essential Vitamins For Human Health

Essential Vitamins For Human Health.

Essential Vitamins For Human Health

Vitamins are not only good for human health but also essential for human body. There are 20 vitamins from which 5 are very essential for human body. A normal human intake 600 gram food daily . It contain large amount of vitamins but it is not beneficial .Today I will tell you which vitamins are necessary for human and resources from where we get them.

Vitamin A:

This vitamin in edequate quantity is good for our eyesight.It is also good for teeth shine. Food contain vitamin A is also good for skin diseases eczema and pimples .

Vitamin B :

Deficiency of vitamin B increases Tension and depression in human. Sleep diseases and pimple related diseases also remove with adequate amount of Vitamin B.This Vitamin is present in Lentils ,  Fish , Beans & walnut.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is essential for glowing skin . It is also used for bleeding gums.

Vitamin D:

This vitamin is used for Bones strongness . Deficiency of this Vitamin causes Swelling in joints and also cause diabetes .

Vitamin E:

With increasing age Vitamin E is necessary for your health . Good quantity of vitamin E give soothing to your muscles .It daily use save you from heart , Tumor chest diseases .

So these are the essential vitamins for human body . They should be used on daily basis. For more health tips visit



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