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What is the reason behind excessive yawning

What is the reason behind excessive yawning

What is the reason behind excessive yawning . Yawning is basically an involuntary process of opening  mouth and take a deep breath and filled lungs with fresh air . When a person is yawning it mostly indicates tiredness and fatigue but sometime there are some other causes of yawning .  Yawning normally is good for health but if a person yawn excessively in a day . It is an alarming situation . Sometime when a person yawn it is short  but sometime it last for several minutes eyes filled with water and mouth is extra stretched and audible sigh may lead yawning . In this post . I give you some  important reasons behind excessive yawning .

Major causes of  excessive yawning

Exactly what is the basic cause of yawning isn’t known . It is because of sleeping disorder such as obstructive sleep apnea or take less sleep or tiredness fatigue or sometime drowsiness .  Sometimes it also occurs due to specific type of  meditation of  stress and anxiety . It may be serious if it is bleeding in or around heart is the reason of excessive yawning but in rare cases . Less commonly it also indicates brain tumor , heart attack , epilepsy , liver failure or sometimes body inability to control temperature .

To check your condition and cause of excessive yawning doctor first ask you about your sleeping time table and habits  because most of the time it is due to fatigue or sleeping disorder. If you don’t have any sleeping issues doctors perform a test called (EEG) means electroencephalogram a test which is perform to check electrical activity of brain by using metal disc attached to your scalp. This test helps doctor to check your brain condition very well . Sometime doctors also suggest MRI scan . MRI scan give a better view of your bodily structure and also help to lead to the real cause of disorder.

Treating excessive  yawning

Excessive  yawning caused by meditation is re-curable  by discussing with doctor and lower the dosage of medicine .  If it is due to sleep disorder or fatigue or from tiredness . It is also treated by proper rest or taking a good sleep at proper time .  It is also treated by performing exercise to reduce stress using a breath device  or work on proper schedule . If excessive yawning is indication of some serious disease such as liver failure or heart disease then it should be immediately treated .


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