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Chicken Corn Soup Recipe

Chicken Corn Soup Recipe

Chicken Corn Soup Recipe. Chicken corn soup is most popular and most widely used soup in the world . It is the most favourite soup of most of the people in winter season . It has many health benefits  . It is  hot tasty and delicious . It is also good for winter fever influenza and flue  in winter season . There are many types of soup like chicken corn soup vegetable soup . Everyone add ingredients in soup according to taste . Today I share chicken corn soup recipe I hope you like it . Chicken corn soup is very easy to made and ready in less time .

chicken corn soup


Chicken boiled : 1/2 half cup

Corn  : 1/2 cup coiled

Salt as per taste

Chinese salt:  1/4 tbsp

Soya sauce  as per taste

Boiled chicken water : 4 cup

Corn flour : 1 tbsp

Chilli sauce as per taste

Procedure : 

First boil chicken in water until it is fully cooked . Then remove chicken from water and crush it into small pieces .After that in boiled chicken water add these chicken pieces and continuously stir it .After that add salt chinese salt black pepper corn chilli sauce and soya sauce in it and mix them well .

After that take corn flour according to your taste as how much you want your soup thick  add water in it and stir it till it is fully mixed in water . Add this corn flour to soup and remember don’t stop stirring while adding corn flour . Last step is to add beaten eggs into it . Cook it for 5 minutes and your chicken corn soup is ready . Serve this hot and spicy soup  to your family member and guest and get appreciations .  Get more chicken recipes .


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