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Interesting Facts About Human Body

Interesting Facts About Human Body

Interesting Facts About Human Body

Interesting Facts About Human Body. Human body is best and beautiful creature of God and it is very complicated . It contain hundred of thousand of cells which join to form tissues that form organs and organ join to form organ system and  a compact and a  beautiful human structure is formed . When you study human structure in books you find it very interesting and you want to study it more . So in today post I will tell you some interesting facts about human body  which you never know before . Many  knowledge you already know about human body and it is provided on internet in a large number but some strange and different I tell you in this post .

Interesting Facts About Human Body

Heart is the most important and main part of human body . Heart beat tells us person is healthy and full of energy so heart the key of human body . The main thing i wanted to tell you that is our heart beat mimics and changes with the music we listen . You will be wondered to know that when a person listen music his or her heart beat mimics and dances on the beat of music .

Second important part of human body is eye . A human can see everything on basis of eye . If human eye is  digital camera it would have 576 megapixels . Human finger can feel object as small as 13 nanometer. If your finger was the size of earth you can easily differentiate between houses and cars. Your body have enough iron in it to make a metal nail you will not beleive 3 inches long metal nail is formed from iron present in human body.As you know fingerprints of all human are different from one another same is the case with our tongue every person have unique tongue prints. As you walk you can use at least 200 muscles while walking.

Sweating  in human is odorless it has no odor but a bacteria on human skin mingles with skin and produce odor in sweat . Gastrointestinal tract of human body is 30 foot tube running from mouth to anus . Another interesting information about human body is that human heart is not on left – hand side but it is in the middle . Human nose can smell about 50,000 different scents. There are 100,000 miles of blood vessel in an adult human body . You couldn’t believe that an adult human body is made up of 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms . Human baby has 60 more bones than an adult which later combine and decreases to  approximately 206 bones .

Every human  contain about  collectively 4 pound bacteria in body . People with blue eyes have higher alcohol tolerance .You can’t imagine that your heart can beat even after separated from your body because it has its own electrical impulse . Shocking there are more bacteria in human mouth than there are people in the world. An average human can produce about 25,000 quartz of saliva in a lifetime enough to fill  approximately two swimming pools . Human brain keep developing until late 40’s .

Highest human body temperature is recorded  in a fever is about 115.7 F and 46.5 C. Everyday Human heart create enough energy to drive a truck for 20 miles . These are some interesting facts about human body that are very much strange and interesting .I hope you like and enjoy these interesting points about human body .


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