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Anemia symptoms causes and cure
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Anemia symptoms causes and cure

Anemia symptoms causes and cure

Anemia symptoms causes and cure. Anemia……. what is anemia?This question arises in many of our minds . Iron deficiency in any person is called anemia .When red blood cell in blood is lower than normal causes anemia .Anemia occurs when your body is deficient of enough mineral iron . Iron is necessary for our body to make protein called Hemoglobin.This protein carry oxygen to your tissues which is very essential for muscles and tissues to work effectively.You can’t get your oxygen fully when there isn’t enoygh iron in your body/Iron deficiency is the most common cause of anemia . Anemia is caused in both men and women equally at any age . People affected from anemia more are women at childbearing age , people with poor diet,pregnant women , children and infant newly born , vegetarian that never use meat , people donating blood frequently .

Anemia symptoms causes and cure

General most common symptoms of anemia are weakness and fatigue. These people have pale skin shortness of breath and dizziness . Another symptoms that are common in kids are craving to eat things that are not included in our food such as clay , chalk and ice .Tingling feeling in legs .These people have cold hands and feets and also have  fast and irregular heartbeat.Sometimes these people also have some headache .

After knowing that a person is suffering from iron deficiency or anemia .He should firstly visit a doctor and some tests of your blood are very necessary . Complete blood test called (CBC) is very necessary because it gives you complete report of your blood .and it is easy for you to recover from anemia or any blood disease fastly .

Anemia at early stage doesn’t cause any complication but it is not treated at proper time . It causes  problems so we should be aware of our health and visit doctor regularly . To control our iron deficiency and avoid anemia we should use diet that is iron full and also use iron supplements .Things that are required for saving you from this disease are :

Iron tablets 

You should take iron supplements or tablets in empty stomach .These tablets restore iron deficiency in your blood


Use diet that is full of iron and fulfill your needs of iron deficiency . You should use red meat green leafy vegetables , dried fruits ,nuts and iron fortified cereals . Vitamin C also help your body to absorb iron.YOu should also take vitamin C tablet or take iron juice or citrus fruits also .In severe cases blood transfuion can replace iron an blood deficiency quickly.

If you are experiencing iron deficiency you should first talk to your doctor .Self diagnosing and self treating sometime have adverse effect on your health.Sometime excessive iron in your blood cause liver damage and constipation . I hope this article will help you to overcome your fear of suffering from anemia and iron deficiency and give you some general knowledge about this disease. For more health articles visit our website


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