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Top 6 tips for glowing skin in winter
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Top 6 tips for glowing skin in winter

Top 6 tips for glowing skin in winter

Top 6 tips for glowing skin in winter .Weather always affect your skin either it is winter or summer . As winter season is going it definitely affect skin and make it rough and dry. In today’s post i tell you some foods that make your skin healthy and beautiful .These foods helps to maintain skin and make it glowing in winter season.

Top 6 tips for glowing skin in winter


Grapefruits are natural ailment for skin . It contain chemical lycopene which make your skin beautiful and smooth .It also save skin from advance ultraviolet rays . It is also enriched with vitamin C which is helpful for  better skin.


Carrots are mostly available in winter season . Carrots are very much useful for skin . As carrot contain potassium which is good for dry skin and make skin healthy  reddish and glowing . It contain vitamin A and other essential vitamin that are good for healthy and glowing skin . It also help to reduce aging symptoms . It also protect skin from UV dangerous affects . For good skin drink fresh carrot juice daily for whole season .


Spinach and some other green vegetables are very healthy for skin. It contain vitamin A vitamin C and iron .If you skin is dull and pale it is because of iron deficiency .So this problem is solved by spinach and other green vegetables .It is very helpful for glowing skin . Main point is that how to use spinach in daily life . Make spinach liquid and if you want add some lemon juice drops and drink it daily .

Olive oil :

Oil is good for dry and dull skin . Oil make skin soft and healthy . Olive oil is best tonic for skin . It is full of Vitamin A , E some minerals and fatty acid . Olive oil fight against aging and saves   your skin from wrinkles . It is good for whole body skin . Take a soft massage of olive oil daily on your hands , elbow and arms and after sometime take a bath and enjoy glowing and healthy skin.


Dark chocolate  is very much popular among young old and kids . Tasty chocolate is not only so much tasty & delicious but it is good for skin . Dark chocolate contain cocoa which make skin healthy and shiny because it contains flavenols . Flavanols improves blood flow which make skin glowing and beautiful . As extra chocolate is not good for health . So eat only 3 ounces of chocolate in a week .You can eat it or make a chocolate milkshake of it . You get its interesting results for skin .Know something more about chocolate benefits.

 Almond :

Last but not least almonds are best for skin . It is very much helpful in winter . It is good for best skin nourishment and shine ..Soak some almond in water for whole night and grind them and mix in milk and drink this shake .It is not only good for skin but also for health of human body . It is a complete nutritious drink for human body .


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