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Heel your Cracked Feets Fastly

Heel your Cracked Feets  Fastly

Heel your Cracked Feets  Fastly.Cracked feet of a women or man destroys his or her personality . Their feets looks ugly and they avoid going in function and parties . These cracked feets are very much painful for a person . So it is necessary to take action  . So in this post I will tell you some tips for cracked feets that are very easy and good . Basic reason cracked feets are dryness washing your feets again and  again . People use many creams and lotion for cracked feet but i think home remedies are more good and beneficial . Heel your Cracked Feets Fastly

Apply  olive oil with the help of cotton pieces on the effected  areas of your feet . Massage the feet with this oil using  cotton pieces in circular motion for fifteen minutes  .The dryness on your feet ‘s skin will be removed after a few days  This will prevent your feet from cracking . It is important for you to avoid junk foods and concentrate on vitamin E rich diet when you suffer from cracked feet . Some of the food rich in vitamin E are : Parsley , Almond ,Apricot , Sunflowers ,Seed ,  Broccoli , Avocado , Papaya , Turnip , green and taro .

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  1. These tips are good for healthy , beauty skin .when a man do an exercise regularly; then a man took benefit from it , so you continue your work for the advantage of humankind.


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