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Peanut butter and banana sandwich recipe
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Peanut butter and banana sandwich recipe

Peanut butter and banana sandwich recipe

Peanut butter and banana sandwich recipe . Peanut banana and butter sandwich is best food for diet conscious people and people who want to lose weight and remains slim . It is a low calorie diet sandwich which is very lightweight  easy to make in less time . It is nutritious and healthy and help to remove your hunger and fill your stomach. It is good for weight loss .It contains 437 calories .It contain banana which has many health benefits like it controls blood pressure good for heart and also helps in reducing weight and fully nutritious . It also contain peanut butter which also has many health benefits . It is good for bones ,muscles and lowering blood pressure and much more . So from every ingredient it is evident that peanut butter banana sandwich is full healthy nutritious complete diet food ..

Peanut butter and banana sandwich recipe


Brown bread 2 pieces

1 Tbsp of peanut butter

1/2 banana sliced cut into pieces

Procedure  : 

Take two pieces of brown bread put peanut butter on it . Take half banana piece and cut into slices and put this cutted banana pieces into bread pieces . Put a pan on stove add little butter in it and put bread pieces into pan . Slightly fry it and enjoy light peanut butter and banana sandwich . It fills your stomach  .It is not only delicious but very healthy and nutritious sandwich good for body health . Get more diet foods recipes ………………..


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