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Tips for weight loss Fast

Tips for weight loss Fast

Tips for weight loss Fast . By implementing  these easy and home totkay for weight loss follow these tips and prescriptions . Early in the morning drink one tea spoon of honey and half lemon juice mix with one glass of water can make weight loss soon . In the evening by mixing one tea spoon in lentils and cook until one glass of water will remains and then again mix a glass of water in lentils and cook it by placing at the place where it can take fresh air.After placing it all the night ,Early in the morning shake the water well and throw away the lentils . And now mix two drops of lemon in water,some bit of black pepper and mix salt and drink it.Make this process for 40 days.


Tips for weight loss Fast

Early in the morning with empty stomach the three sips of five half boiled hot water glasses and drink it.Now the additive fats will began to take out of your body.

Other than of it if your weight is more than a limit then make easy and light exercises for example stand straight by taking hands towards your hips and then bend towards one side and then again bend towards the other side.It will be also remembered that in all this effort your upper half  of the body will move only.Take one tea spoon honey, Three  spoon of  lemon juice and one fourth part of black pepper will add in this.And now mix this in water and drink it.You will automatically loss your weight.

Take half spoon of honey and take also half spoon of jinger powder and mix all these things.Now do it  Per diem eat it or drink it with with the help of water.Soon your weight will become to lose down.I hope you enjoy these tips.


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