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How to get rid of dark circles fast
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How to get rid of dark circles fast

How to get rid of dark circles fast

How to get rid of dark circles fast? A question arises in mind of almost everyone that  stick to this problem . Many of us visit doctors to get rid of this problem but there are many natural home remedies to get rid of dark circles at home. Dark circles underneath your eyes is  very disturbing . It also affect our personality . A person with dark circles looks unhealthy and also feel inferiority complex . Many factors work together for causing dark circles like epidermis depth or cultural pigmentation.

It effects and appears under both men and women eyes . A hollow is developed by displacement of fat over orbital rim. This hallow causes dark circles under eyes .In today’s post first we discuss causes and then some home remedies to get rid of dark circles . I hope this article will help you to solve your problem .

How to get rid of dark circles fast


Causes of dark circles

Mostly dark circles are due to stress . A stressed person hardly eat and sleep well . Because of unhealthy and timeless  eating and less sleep causes formation of dark circles . Sometime dark circles are not due to irregular nutritional  intake but it is in your genes . If dark circles are in your genetics then there is no cure but after treatment but reduce in appearance. Sometimes recovering from long illnesses is also  a cause of dark circles . Low hemoglobin level  also causes dark circles . It causes pigmentation which causes dark circles .If hemoglobin level in your body id low then consult your doctor and take vitamin supplements . Sleeplessness  and spending much hours on computer and phones also causes dark circles .Intake of junk food swallow your skin and causes dark circles . Extra exposure to sunlight also make your skin dark and rough .

Home remedies of Dark circles

Before going to doctor try something at home . There are many items at home that help us to remove dark circles around eyes . Vitamin supplements like vitamin B and C always help to repair and improve skin texture . Some fruits in your diet like lemon , orange , apricot , kiwis are rich in these vitamin and help to reduce dark circles . There are many mask  that women use  for betterment for their skin . A mask is also used for dark circles mix coconut lemon juice cucumber china clay and fresh cream and refrigerate it till it is fully chilled . Then cover your eyes with cotton and apply mask around eyes on dark circles . Rest it for 20 minutes and then wash it firstly with milk and then water . You can also use coconut and almond oil and rub it on dark circle area in circular motion to remove dark circles .

Potatoes also have a skin lightning effect . Rub grated potatoes around your eyes . Chilled and sliced cucumber is best for dark circles . It not only remove dark circles but also give your eyes a fresh and beautiful look . Another idea which is rarely used is some people use herbal tea or green tea for health benefits don’t throw these tea bags into dustbin but refrigerate them and apply on dark circle areas . You see a big change and your skin lighten a lot . Some people use make up and some creams but it doesn’t remove dark circles but hide it for sometime . These are some home remedies which you can use at home for dark circles . For more beauty tips tips visit my website beauty tip section Beauty tips


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