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The Most Beautiful Eco friendly Furniture
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The Most Beautiful Eco friendly Furniture

The Most Beautiful Eco friendly Furniture

The Most Beautiful Eco friendly Furniture. Furniture, the most important part of house and the basic need of all humans. Now, we are living in a modern age. Where the resources are limited. So, the scientist are keen to find some ways to protect the natural resources. Just like that, two companies, Ecovative and BioMASON, in collaboration making sustainable alternative solutions for customers goods using a process called biofabrication. It is an automated production of tissues and organs. It is a scientific way in which cells, gels and fibers are combine into a single construct that can replace worst tissues with new one. In short, it uses the principles of additive manufacturing.

The Ecovative and BioMASON introduces a new trend in furniture world. These companies recently presented a new Eco friendly Furniture line at Biofabricate 2016. The CEO of Ecovative, Sir Eben Bayer says  it is a very unique thing that we use biological organism that is grown for our product in most of the cases after making product the living organism was thrown out but he says that I think these organism are the most beautiful part and we make furniture by using these organism. People uses the furniture made from wood or marble. The leather is also used which is originally made from mushrooms. But now the furniture is also made from fungi. The tables and stools are just like other furniture (made from wood or marble). On the other hand, far away from ordinary, these tables and stools are completely made made from simpler and soft ingredients such as roots of mushrooms the Mycelium, agriculture waste and microorganism.

The Most Beautiful Eco friendly Furniture

Mycelium, a microscopic thread like tissue is used to build the bottom of stools and the legs of tables. Bayer says that he find the strength of mycelium as college student a decade ago. For a class project, he grew fungi in his bedroom. He observed that mycelium could be used to form squashy or foam like material that was not like plastic foam which is used to pack the computer or other electronic things. Plastic foam are not biodegradable but mycelium based material would be easily biodegradable. So, the Ecovative company has used this technique as a business and partnering with companies like Dell. This company uses the special mycelium foam.

Bayer founded that by changing the conditions of Environment like temperature or Carbon dioxide levels, we obtain a lots of distinctive structural properties and tissue properties. So, in this regard mycelium can done a lot of things. Tweak the temperature or Carbon dioxide the mycelium can make a material that is tough enough. It is said that if we use wood chips and their stalks (that are stronger scaffolding) in spite of flexible hemp fibers, mycelium becomes more durable as it grows day by day. Then mycelium doesn’t gets it nutrition and it dies and it becomes hard and tough. Then if we give some heat and controlled pressure we can change it’s shape and transform into any particle board which is hard enough to bear and support the weight of humans.

On the other hand, the CEO of BioMASON company, Miss Ginger Kreig Dosier, developed a process that depends on bacteria. These Bacteria forms Calcium Carbonate around the grains of sand. Seashells and coral reefs are also formed by this formula. CEO of BioMASON says that we learnt from nature and find different structures applications and shapes and all this done by changing the size, pH level , temperature and by adding colors. The biocement process is very ecofriendly, Dosier says that it depends upon the ingredients and by changing conditions in which bacteria grows and then the product can take the form of bricks, facade tiles and table tops. In San Francisco, the BioMASON company has already made a pair of courtyards by biocement.

BioMASON company makes these bricks themselves on site with the help of architects and builders. Dosier believes that living organisms play an important role in future by helping humans to save the limited natural resources and also these organisms protect the environment from pollution. Dosier says tja”This is a better, cleaner way to make materials. Why use fire to harden bricks, which creates a lot of carbon pollution, when we can grow them at ambient temperatures?

Worldwide, the researchers and companies in collaboration grow fungi, bacteria and proteins and make toxin free, pollution free, durable and easily commercially obtainable goods. These are not only making furniture but also leather that made from mushrooms and spider silk cloth that doesn’t obtain from silk worm but from lab grown proteins. One example shown by the spiber, a Japanese company, discloses a prototype of a North Face branded that is “Moon Parka” It was made with spider silk fiber that is synthetic in last year. But selling of Parka delayed due to some production problems but in Japan, limited jackets are on sale in market and they cost $1,000 and it is said that these jackets will soon be available in flagship stores in U.S in same price.

But to make these production worldwide these companies need to work with traditional factories and try to fit these biological process into their existing infrastructure and manufacturing techniques. The Ecovative and BioMASON companies still only making mycoboard and biocement table tops in less then a week. They take three to five days. Dosier says that biological organisms are inherently cheaper then synthetic products. Now these things and furniture are little bit expensive but in near future they will be more cheaper now.

These companies provided an opportunity to give these products to people for their homes and get their experiences. So, the micoboard panel which are produced by Ecovative company have been named ” Top 100 Best New Home Products of the Year” Some products are available online on internet. This is all what we want and what is the best for our future and our surrounding environment. We feel better by realizing that what fungi and bacteria can do for us and protect our Earth from many harms. Because living organisms doesn’t only cause harm but some gives us a bright and safe living standard.

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