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Foldimate a clothes folding Machine

Foldimate a clothes folding Machine

Foldimate a clothes folding Machine After washing and drying the clothes the next big step is to fold them with step by step. This process takes a lot of time. Now this invention makes the difficulty of womens easy. In present a self working FoldiMate name machine has been introduce which  has the ability to make your clothes fold so nicely.

Foldimate a clothes folding Machine

The price of this robotic machine in San Francisco is 850 dollars. This machines takes less than a minute to fold the clothes. It has the ability like a genius person to fold the clothes with nice and easy way. This machine has the length 32 inches and width 28 inches measure.So,it can place anywhere in the house. And it can replace from one place to another very easily. Its weight is 65 pound.

The woman has only dispatch the washed clothes with the help of clip in the which is placed outside of the machine. And after pressing the button he or she has to tell the kind of work with cloth he or she wanted to done it will do other things itself. This machine has the ability to measure the width and length of cloth very easily. This machine not only fold the clothes but also make it press very easy and expertly.

Foldimate a clothes folding Machine 2

This machine can fold upto one to twenty clothes at a time. Otherwise it is not use for the clothes like towel and socks. On commercial level it is being used from 2014 but now introduced as home appliance. And it is possible that till 2017 it will make it place in the market.

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