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The Great era of lion Tipu Sultan a great warrior

The Great era of  lion Tipu Sultan a great warrior

The Great era of  lion Tipu Sultan a great warrior

The Great era of  lion Tipu Sultan a great warrior.

The Great era of lion Tipu Sultan a great warrior

 The Great era of  lion Tipu Sultan a great warrior. Tipu Sultan was born on 20th of November 1750 on Friday 20 Zilhaj 1163 hijri in Devanahalli. In present it is a place in Bangalore district situated 33 km (21 miles ) in North of it. Tipu Sultan name was chosen on the name of Saint name Tipu Mastan Aulia in Aarkaat. He is said Fateh Ali as per his grandfather name Fateh Muhammad. Haider Ali gave special attention to the studies of Tipu and included him in the army and political matters in early age. He was given all powers in the early age related to foreign and army affairs. He was considered as the right hand of his father Haider Ali who was considered to be the powerful king of the South India. Tipu Sultan full name was Fateh Ali Tipu. He was born in Bangalore on 20th of November 1750 in Haider Ali’s house. His father Sultan haider Ali stopped the English army on his will power for 50 years or so and defeated them again and again.

Tipu Sultan life was the life of a true muslim. He was very free and clear in mind about the differences of casts and creeds. This is why that non muslims were appointed on the high scales in army and in state departments. Tipu Sultan has given his state the name of state which was taken on the name of GOD. In Spite of being a king he considered himself as a normal man. To recite Quran and be in ablution all the day long was his daily routine. He was very annoyed of artificial show off. He read every royal order with the name if GOD.Sultan Tipu said words which afterwards becomes the golden words forever in the history and it is a quotation which is used regularly in present days which compel us to remember our great hero of Islam.He said:

Sultan Tipu Ali famous quotation

He used to lay down on the ground every night. Tipu who stood by his army hand in hand was aware of all war techniques. He disciplined his army in spite of pedestrian army he took initiative and changed and build his army according to the latest changes of era and given them weapons and horses. He worked historically well in the weapon making army discipline and reforms. He fought many wars and three of them were very famous wars. Second Anglo Mysore war,Third Anglo Mysore war. and Fourth Anglo Mysore War. The poet of East Allama Muhammad Iqbal has a great love for the great warrior of the history Tipu Sultan. He went to the tomb of martyr Sultan Tipu in 1929.When he got out after three hours his eyes were full with emotions and tears.

He said:The history will not be able to forsake his grandeur and dignity. He kept on fighting till his last drop of blood for the freedom of nation religion till his death. His braveness and dignity left lasting affects on poet of East Allama Muhammad Iqbal and he compelled him to wrote a poem in his dignity and great works. He was died during fight with English army at Seringapatam India on May 5,1799. He embraced Martyrdom while reciting Quran. Four times a serial on the name Sword of Tipu was telecasted on tv. First in 1990 and second time in 2001 on hindi tv Star Plus and in 2006 in Tamil Language. And after wards it was telecasted on Pakistan national channel PTV HOME.At every time when history will disucc in future Tipu Sultan name will comes as the greatest names of the history.He was also remembered as the inventor of the missile for the first time in the history.History will remember its power grandeour and dignity for a long time.Tipu is not only the name of a person but it is a name of a century of royal era.

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