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Chirag-e-Hadayat Hazrat Rabia Basri Story

Chirag-e-Hadayat Hazrat Rabia Basri Story

Chirag-e-Hadayat Hazrat Rabia Basri Story

Chirag-e-Hadayat Hazrat Rabia Basri Story. Hazrat Rabia Basri was a pious women. She loves ALLAH and obeyed all the orders of Him. A discussion of Sufi saints was found in Islamic history where on the one hand they took the well wishes and blessings of GOD on the other hand they lead the misguided people to the way of Islam and GOD.But where there are discussion of great Men Sufi saints found in Great Islamic history as the same womens discussion was also found at the same place and at a same time.Those womens kept on busy in a talk with GOD,They paid attentions to their duties with full devotion.They took normal routine life and Islamic life together.In that discussion the discussion of Hazrat Rabia Basri was also included. Hazrat Rabia Basri belonged to a middle class family.She was younger in all her sisters.During their birth the conditions of the house were so worse that there was no oil present to lighten the lamp.Her father Ismail was a smugger and self belief personality.Then however the situations came he never spread hand before anyone.And in about-face in every situation thanked to GOD.This zeal and faith was handed over to Hazrat Rabia Basri by her heritage.She used to also thanked GOD in every type of situation.Whatever the situations were there were no words of anger was uttered by her she used to thank GOD and he became happy in the will of GOD.The zeal of thanks was present in her habits from the childhood.

Her age was only 13 years.The zeal of their prayers was also increasing with the increasing age.But the urge of heart was also increasing in spite of decreasing.Due to work all the day long and kept on waking all the night made her health weak.Her owner was not aware of her health signs.But he was very bothered on the falling health of his maid servant.He used to say to his maid servant to take care of her health.Once he came to her and started to say that are you ill the owner asked her?In spite of giving answer she asked question from her owner that was she committing any fault or mistake in his duty.The trader Ateek was very happy on her work but very bothered on her health.He appreciated her work and said her to take care of her heath.But there was no lack of interest shown by her in his daily routine works.

She not only used to do the Islamic but also works related to normal routine life.She was well aware of her duties in this young age.She never used to make mistakes in her work.This is why owner was very happy with her . And she was never mistaken to pray before GOD so that his Islamic and servant life owner could become happy with her.One day Rabia Basery owner wakes up at the last session of the night and he came out of his room for the purpose of walk.While walking here and there he sight attention went towards your tabernacle and he saw that the lamp of your tabernacle was lightened.The owner became stunned to see that who is waking still now after working all the day long.In suspense his steps started to move towards your tabernacle and the sight was very wonderful.The door was opened and the head of the maid servant was bowed before her GOD.With slightly lower voice and compressed sighs were being aroused.The owner when heard the voices closely the words started to came to his locals.She was praying to GOD in raised voice of slightly lower voice and compressed sighs.She was praying with full devotion and attention.

Oh!GOD you are aware of my helplessness.The household work restrained me from coming towards your prayer.You called me for your prayers when i came to your excellency the time of prayers went away.So,for my this fault forgive me.The servants hard heart was moved soften.The owner came back to his room and stay awaken for the night left session.In the next morning he reached to the tabernacle and by notifying attention of her towards him.From now on you are free where ever you want to go you can go.But i can not pay the price of your’s said Hazrat Rabia Basri. I did not want any thing from you but i asked you 1 question the owner said humbly.He said forgive my all faults for the sake of GOD before which you bow your head and you pray all the night staying wakened. Hazrat Rabia Basri said i forgive you GOD will also forgive you.Saying this Hazrat Rabia Basri went away.After that she passed her life in prayer of GOD and to achieve the blessings of GOD. Hazrat Hassan Basri was also impressed by the faith and devotion to prayers of her.You were the protector of Quran. You was the expert of Fikka and Hades.When often she addresses then all the Hades writers and scholars became stunned. Rabia Basri (R.A)  knowledge ability was figured from this that Hazrat Imam Sufyan Suri often came to his company who is affected from Hazrat Imam Abu Hanifa  and he was known for title Amer UL Menominee fl Hades.


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