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Spain attacks

Spain attacks: 13 killed and 100 injured-Barcelona and Cambrils attacks

Spain attacks: 13 killed and 100 injured-Barcelona and Cambrils attacks a sad news. 17. 08.2017 was considered to be the most violent day of span recent history. Police connected a number of incidents that occurred in Spain to Terrorist group DAISH ISIS. A number of people died and injured in these attacks. The main event occurred in Alcanar. Alcanar Spanish municipality in the Tarragona province. On Mediterranean sea the Alcana is a coastal town in Spain. On Wednesday night, 16.08.2017 there was an explosion in a house and one person killed in this incident. The police said, it was a planned incident so one suspect arrested by the police. on Thursday, 17.08.2017 in the city of Barcelona, a car hit two police officers at a security checkpoint. Though officers were suffered by minor injuries. The police was not sure about that attack. May be it was a coincidence.

But at 5 pm on the same day in the same city, Barcelona, another incident happened. In Las Rambles which is a popular tourist boulevard. The sad even happened in the early evening when a van  plowing through crowds mainly tourist from other countries and cities. The high officials of Police or authorities said that 80 people were taken to hospitals and out of them 15 were highly injured. After this incident the police searched for the driver of van. Prime Minster of Spain called it an act of “jihadi terrorism.”

The Police arrested one suspect from morocco, one from Melilla, Spainsh Clave and they were considered directly involved in Barcelona attack. They said that the driver abondoned the van and escaped from the area. A second attack that occurred in 115 kilometers to the southwest on early Friday. Emergency high officials said that six civilians and a police officer were injured. The police proclaimed that five suspected terrorists were killed in Cambrils.

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