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Some Important tips for your good health

Some Important tips for your good health

Some Important tips for your good health. Good health is a blessing of God and it gives you long life and help you to  look fresh and enjoy life . In our daily routine many little things matter which we ignore  but they are very important . These things are very necessary for our good health and make our life better .

Some Important tips for your good health

First tip for healthy life is to avoid smoking smoking destroys your life . It is very bad for your body health . It is not good for lungs liver and other body parts . Second best health tip are stay happy in your life . Stress free and happy life is the best tip to enjoy life for a long time . some other little tips are listed under

Answer cellphone by left ear
Don’t take vitamins with cold water
Guyabano is best against Cancer
No cold drink with fatty acid
Don’t have huge meal after 5 pm
Drink more water at morning, less at night
Don’t lie down right after taking medicine
When power is down at last bar, don’t answer the cellphone as radiation is 1000x stronger

For healthy living  use healthy food ,vegetables ,fruits and you should exercise daily . Have your meal at prope time  and be happy always .sometimes tention  also effect your health very much so if you want to live a healthy life always be happy and keep tension away from you .

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