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7 Reason why sugar is Bad for you

7 Reason why sugar is Bad for you

7 Reason why sugar is Bad for you. Although there are many reason that tells us that sugar is bad for your health . But in today  post I will tell you 7 basic reasons behind sugar is bad for your health topic . Sugar is actually called as white poison . Taking too much sugar is really a matter of discussion . As its name suggest that its a poison it has many bad affects on your body. Sugar increases risk of diabetes , obesity and heart attack . Large scale studies and researches shows that it also effect your immune system .As we know bacteria feeds on sugar and when these organism exceed their limit in your body .many type of infection and illness attack on your body . Another big reason to avoid extra sugar is it causes tooth decay and also causes gums diseases . Some other reason to avoid sugar are listed below:
7 Reason why sugar is Bad for you

1:Sugar is highly addictive
2:Can cause insulin resistance which may lead to type 2 Diabetes
3:Bad for your teeth
4:Contribute to obesity
5:Can give you cancer
6:Raise your cholesterol and give you heart disease
7:Can cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

I hope these seven reasons are enough to show you how this white poison enter in your body and make it defective and decrease your age and make your life unhealthy and restless .So use sugar but in less quantity so that it doesn’t be a poison for you . Every thing that is taken in moderate quantity is good for your health .

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