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What are Benefits And Side Effects of Tea

What are Benefits And Side Effects of Tea

What are  Benefits And Side Effects of Tea .  Every thing in this world have some advantages and disadvantages .Tea (Chai) is most important ingredients of most of people of the world . Almost every person use it in daily routine . It is also used for guest .It is very excessively used because of which it is necessary for us to be aware of its uses or benefits and side effects . Firstly we will discuss its benefits.

What are Benefits And Side Effects of Tea

Because different people use different ingredients so its benefits are basis on these ingredients . Some people use   to drink ginger tea.

Tea first benefit is it act as an antioxidant damage of cell and tissue is minimized  by antioxidant property. Ginger in tea also act as a great antioxidant in nature .Tea also act as an anti cancer especially ovarian cancer & skin cancer.

Because of ginger in its ingredients it also has anti inflammatory .properties . because of this property it saves you from many type of inflammatory allergies and diseases.

Tea also helps in digestion Cinnamon is also used in tea which is very much helpful in digestion .

Against depression tea (chai ) is very helpful .  Caffine property of tea is helpful in overcoming depression . It makes a person fully active and boost energy in him and he feels relieved . It soothes mind and body.

Immune system can be strong due to tea(chai). Immune system is boosted  due to cardemom and ginger in it and a person can fight against small viral diseases like cold influenza and headache .

After benfits let’s discuss some disadvantages and side effect of tea(chai)

Due to exceesive use of tea the process of filtration of kidney increases because of which the main salts (sodium and potassium ) eliminate from body with urine because of which kidneys to work more and thier muscles weak which increase the risk of kidney failure.

Because of Caffine the  diseases of stomach increases rapidly .Caffine is harmful for stomach. Caffine destroy enzymes and juices of stomach  It excessive use increase heartburn and acidity.

Tea increases dryness and rudeness in your behaviour.It dry the secretions of your body processes which increase the risk of constipation.

Tea with caffine also contain Tannin which effect some important salt absorption in our body . It also reduces iron in our body which is the main cause of blood deficiency.

It also effect blood pressure of the body . Blood pressure is unbalanced and heart beat of heart is also effected due to caffine in it.

Due to sugar used in it . It increases risk of diabetes your bloog sugar level increases  . Last but not least its excessive use  causes Stomach ulcer.

At last I have concluded that Everything that is used in excessive amount is harmful for you so take care of your health and eat & drink healthy food & drinks .Use tea but in moderate amount  is safe for you . For more Health tips and health articles visit

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