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Punjabi Poetry

Punjabi Hamd Poetry

Punjabi Hamd Poetry

Punjabi Hamd Poetry. Hamd stands for the poem that writes in praise of ALLAH. These person wrote the things and events that shows the power of ALLAH. It also shows His characteristic of forgiveness, kindness. These poems tells that ALLAH almighty is the most merciful and the creator of the whole universe. The most holly and the guardian of the whole world. The king and the most powerful and magnificent. He knows everything what is going on in present or whatever done in past and what will done in future. He even knows what is inside the heart of every person. He knows the feeling of heart. He is the God of every thing. Hamds are written mostly in Urdu but some people translated these poems in english. But in Punjab of Pakistan and India, some saints wrote Hamds in Punjabi language. It is said that Punjabi is very heart touching language. It shows the true feeling of people and they wrote many poems and poetic narrations of the stories. So according to this the saints wrote Hamds in Punjabi language and shows their love for ALLAH almighty.

Punjabi Hamd Wallpapers

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Punjabi Hamd PoetryAwal hamd sanaa ilahi joo malik har har daa

Uss da nam chitaran wala kisay medan na har da

Raba mere hal da mehram toon

Andar vi toon, bahar vi toon, rom rom vich toon

toon hi tana, toon hi bana,sab kuj mera toon

kahay Hussain faqir namana! main nahin sab toon

Adal karain te thar thar kamban uchian shanan walay

Fazal karain te bakhsay jawan main je vi mon kalay

Jee main wekhan amlan walay te kuj ni mere palay

Jee main wekhan tere rehmat walay tee balay balay balay

Rehmat da darya illahi har dam wagda tera

Jee ik qatra bakhshay menon kam ban jaye mera

Naa Rab Arsh moale utte na Rab khan e kabe hoo

Naa Rab ilm kitabin labha naa Rab vich mehrabay hoo

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