Punjabi Poetry Wallpapers

Punjabi Poetry Wallpapers

Punjabi Poetry Wallpapers. Punjabi is a beautiful language. It is said that it is the most sweet language among the other languages of Pakistan because the Punjabi language shows the feelings and emotions of all type. So it is a nice language. The Sufi Punjabi Poetry is the most nice poetry and not only Muslims but also Sikh’s and Hindus like Punjabi poetry because it is the language of Punjab province of both Pakistan and India. here we provide you the best Punjabi love poetry wallpapers, Punjabi poetry wallpapers in picture format, best poetry wallpapers, poetry of different Punjabi poets, HD Punjabi poetry wallpapers. It’s all for you, you must like it. Send latest Punjabi Poetry wallpapers to your friends and family. You can share these Punjabi poetry wallpapers on your Facebook and twitter and other social media. You can also download Punjabi poetry wallpapers from here.

Punjabi Poetry Wallpapers

Baa Buleh Shah said

parh parh kitaban ilm dian tun nam rakh leya qazi

hath wich parh kee talwar nam rakh lea ghazi

make madine ghum aya tee nam rakh lea haji

oo buleya hasil kii kita? jee toon rab naa kita razi

Baba Buleh Shah was a famous poet of Punjabi. People like his poetry. He was famous in both Pakistan and India. His poetry was famous among Punjabi peoples. Not only Baba Buleh Shah but also Sultan Bahu and Shah Hussain were the Poets. People like these poets and love their poetry. All these Sufi Poets write Beautiful Sufi poetry about different topics such as the problems of society, love, emotions, sadness and many more. And these all Poetry pics are for you.

Punjabi Poetry Wallpapers

Sultan Bahu said

na main alam na main fazal na mufti na qazi hu

na dill mera dozaqh mange na bahishtin razi hu

na main tareh razee rakhe naa main paak namazi hu

bajh wisal ALLAH dee bahu dunia kori bazi hu

We give you the beautiful picture of Punjabi poetry wallpaper it is very heart touching. you must like these pictures of Punjabi poetry wallpaper because these are very beautiful. we made and upload the beautiful Punjabi poetry wallpaper in picture format. This is the Sufi poetry and people love it and show their love to ALLAH because it’s a poetry about the love of ALLAH and this is the poetry which people like the most. This Punjabi Poetry Wallpapers are for you. You can send these pictures and share them on Facebook and Twitter.

Punjabi Poetry Wallpapers

Shah Hussain said

Raba mere haal da mehram toon

andar toon ain, bahar toon ain, roon roon wich toon

toon ain tana, toon ain bana, sabh kuj mera toon

kahe husain faqir nmanan main nain sab toon

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