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How to become slim and smart

How to become slim and smart

How to become slim and smart. Everyone, now, wants to become slim and smart. But it was thought that it was not an easy task to become slim and smart. It is believed that it is a big deal game. But we suggest you if you are fatty and over weight then try our suggestions to become slim and smart in only 21 days. You think, how? We tell you some easy, natural ways to limit your flatness. It’s your duty to fulfil these commands to become slim. In only 7 days you feel that you don’t lose any weight but in 15 days or on 21 days you feel that some changes occurs in your body and you feel that you become slim, smart and also active. Here are some tips for How to become slim and smart.

How to become slim and smart

Tips to become slim and smart

Drinking water:
When you woke up early in the morning the stomach was empty and the digested food gives energy to your body but at the same time some toxins also produced in body which are very harmful for your body. To get rid of these harmful toxins, drinking water is the best way. So early in the morning, taking 2 glass of water not only starts your metabolism but also removes the toxins and makes you fresh for whole day. Water is the best drink because it has no calories and you need it because it controls the temperature of your body in limits. So it is preferred that you drink 8 glass of water daily.

Drinking green tea:
Beside of water, another drink which is best to lose weight is green tea with lemon flavour which is very healthy with no callories and lemon is also very best diet to become slim and smart. Drinking green tea with milk is a secret key to lose weight. Maximum, the use of, 3 cups of green tea daily can burn calories and decrease your weight.

Walk to become fit:
It is an old thinking that nothing is more important than walking. If any one wants to become slim than the best exercise is walking. According to science, when a person walks not only his legs in motion but on the other hand his entire body shows movement. All the joints, muscles, the sense of sight, and the thinking of brain all works with coordination at the same time. The movement of body causes the increase of temperature. To compensate this over temperature the body lose heat and sweat. And in this way the body lose weight. Minimum 30 minute or maximum 1 hour walking everyday is good for health. The new research reveals that 5 minute walk after every meal is more beneficial than the morning 45 minute walk. It is said that it improves the blood glucose level. But morning walk is good for body with fresh air and the evening walk after meal is also very beneficial.

Walking is good but another thing that is useful to lose fat is running because most of the dieticians suggest running a good way to become slim and smart. It’s a natural exercise and doesn’t need any gym or a particular place. When you are walking you should add 10 minute or at least 5 minutes running or jogging in intervals. Jogging or running burns more calories than walking in same time. It not only burn calories but also reduce stress, normalize body temperature and suppress epitite harmone. Research said that running causes the “after burn” which means that calories still burning for 2 hours after one stopped running. So it is more beneficial than any other exercise.

Say no to food:
Don’t even think that we suggest you to stop eating. It’s only mean that you eat food when your are hungry. Don’t eat all the time It is very harmful for your stomach and health. Eat healthy food at fixed trimming. Don’t eat fast food or salty snacks that helps you to put on weight not to decrease it. Vegetables salads and fruits are healthy things that you should use.

Lift light groceries:
In spite of going to gym it is better to go market and shop daily routine groceries. Some dieticians suggest that lift light groceries or doing some work on home is best to lose weight and it is also very healthy. Out of all these works, you should prefer gardening because it is healthy exercise and also cleans your environment.

These are easy and natural ways for How to become slim and smart for more health, beauty and fitness tips/articles visit


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