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Food that cleanse the body from toxin
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Food that cleanse the body from toxin

Food that cleanse the body from toxin

Food that cleanse the body from toxin . Food that  we eat is sometime very dangerous for our health because it collect dangerous toxic material in our body that causes many diseases . In this post i tell you some foods that remove this toxic material from your body  .

Turmeric powder :

Turmeric powder is known to be very useful since old centuries .  But according to new research  It is said to be very useful in today time . Reason is that it contain antioxidants which are helpful to remove this toxic material from your body . It remove toxic material from  liver also . So keep in mind to use at least 1 tablespoon turmeric powder in your daily diet .


It is said that 1 apple daily keep you healthy and fit . Specialist said that iron containing this food remove unimportant food from stomach and wash stomach properly . Apple is complete food it is also very much important for other health benefits .It reduces risk of cancer diabetes hypertension and heart diseases . Get more apple benefits.


Garlic not only keep our skin and hairs beautiful . But sulphur in garlic is  important to remove extra and un important food from stomach .Taking 3 pieces of garlic in a day is very much beneficial for your health . Some other benefits of garlic are it strengthen immune system and help to treat fever , cough and stomach ache and also regulate blood sugar level .

Lemon : 

Citric acid present in lemon play an important role in digestion of food . While taking any food use lemon in it or take a lemon add it into water and drink it after food . It is very helpful to digest heavy food and also remove toxic material from your body  .

Coriander : 

Sometime we eat food which is not digested easily and it is heavy on our stomach . If we use coriander in our food it make our food lighter and helps to digest your food easily  . So take coriander in your daily food either add it to food directly or use it in salad.


If your stomach is disturbed with acidity then make broccoli an integral part of your salad . Like cabbage  it is helpful in digestion of food in stomach and remove toxin from your stomach .

Red radish :

If you don’t use red reddish in your salad then immediately add it to salad . Also redish is used with carrot juice .

Coccomber : 

Coccomber  not only help to digest food easily . But if we use it in salad daily it also helps to remove toxin from our body and helps to improve our digestive system .




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