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Tone studio a wireless speaker wear around neck

Tone studio a wireless speaker wear around neck

Tone studio a wireless speaker wear around neck . Technology mania is increasing day by day People  of the world wanted to get latest technology ideas and information . Technology of phone tablet’s , sound system  and many others ……In today’s post I tell you about a new technology introduced in market .  A wireless speaker that wear around neck named as or commonly called as a “Tone studio” .

Tone studio a wireless speaker wear around neck

Wearing technology use is increasing day by day smart watches , smart gloves , smart headphones and much more….With smart headphone technology another thing is discussed here called as bone conduction technology through which we not only hear music but also feel it . With upcoming new year a Korean company LG introduces a new wireless sound system . This system does not  contain large speaker not small headphone but it is just like a necklace wear around neck . This system is known as “Tone Studio”. It is showcase in consumer electronic show this year . Tone studio supports surround sound speakers.

It is just like a wearing necklace around neck like speaker, which contain two main upper speakers and two lower small speakers which gives you a 3D sound system enjoyment .It is specially designed for watching movies , video gaming and music which is adjusted according to every user’s choice . This system also contain bluetooth technology . This speaker system is not much new but a similar device named as “music wrap” is  introduced in consumer electronic show one year back . It is not good for jogging and exercise .

This sound system is made according to DTS technology of cinema . This sound system contain dual play facility and can be  connected to two neck bands with one source . Korean company also made  another product that wear around neck  called as “tone free” which is like tone straw introduced in 2013 . “Tone studio ” also provides two earbuds that fix around ears that are charged without any wire . This sound system also vibrate when mobile phone rings and also give voice message to the customer whether to receive or reject the call .

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