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Health benefits of potatoes

Health benefits of potatoes

Health benefits of potatoes. Potato is a vegetable which is grown worldwide and is vegetable of all season . It is favourite vegetable of especially kids but also equally  liked by elders . It is almost used with all other vegetables . It is mostly used in form of chips in salad , in chicken and other main course dishes  are made from potatoes . So it is necessary for us to know basic health benefits of potatoes before using it . In this post I will tell you some main health benefits of potatoes .

Health benefits of potatoes

No one of us in the world who don’t use potato.It is most beneficial vegetable among  all vegetables according to our health . Because of this quality it is included in complete diet foods according to nutritionist . To know who much nutrient 1 potato contain is by taking 1  cup (173) gram boiled potato it contain 161 calories vitamin b6 , potassium , copper , vitamin c , manganese , phosphorous , fibers , vitamin b3 , pantothenic acid  29 % carbohydrates and 8.5% protein . These nutrients make potato not only popular among people on basis of complete diet but also nutritionist say its a complete diet .

The list of nutrients of potato is very long . Mashed boiled potato is very much beneficial for growing kids health . Especially kids with weak health should eat potato in any form on daily  basis .There weakness should be removed . Use boiled potato without salt is good for controlling high blood pressure . Specialist say that with high quantity of water if we use boiled potato . It makes our kidney strong and also help to remove kidney  stone from kidney and many other kidney diseases . It is said that potato break kidney stones but it is not proved by any scientific studies .

Potato is also beneficial for acidity and heartburn and stomach disease . It is also used in eczema and minor burn s . If we use potato  as a paste on burn it provides relieve to burnt place other minor burn cure home remedies are present in this link  HOME REMEDIES FOR BURNS. If you want to use potato without its side effect you can use it with garam masala . It is said that potato is dry and cold vegetable in nature . And also said that potato should be used with peel is more beneficial for health . But on other side potato more than  250 gram in a day  is harmful for health . It is harmful for people who suffer from constipation and also with  weak stomach because it is not easily digested by weak stomach . Sugar patients should use potato in adequate quantity because it contain carbohydrates in large quantity It also increase blood sugar level . It is also used for gout .

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