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Tomb like houses made by cotton save from earthquake

Tomb like houses made by cotton save from earthquake


Tomb like houses made by cotton save from earthquake

Tomb like houses made by cotton save from earthquake. A company in(Tokyo) city of Japan are making lighter houses that are being from the last 15 years or so from a very hard foam that’s why it is quite save from earth quake. A Japanese firm name (Doam house)using special kind of foam name(Styro Foam) are constructing houses. On one hand these type of houses save its inhabitants from intense weather either it will hot or cold. On the other hand these houses on behalf of these foams have a great resistance to a miraculous extent against intense kind of earth quake. It should be remain quite clear in the minds that it is being used from the last thirty years as a packaging material for different weak things like hotpot, water coolers.

It is more harder than normal foam and hardly heat can pass through it. Due to its special quality it is counted as a special packaging material at industrial levels and its usage is going with a greater extent in different things as time is passing. Hence,using styro foam made that kind of houses which in its own has a great capability to bear hard weather conditions and up to the horrible earth quake shocks is an amazing and different idea on which a Japanese company is working from the last 15 years.

The houses that are being made from styro foam has been given the shape of tomb. Because it is more reliable and rather strong structure wise.In it the main structure wood is dispatched with a fat layer of styro foam. And on the last stages normally the house is white washed completely. The both things white wash and the foam afterwards altogether prevent it from entering inside the effects of intense heat and cold. All the styro foam which is used in the preparation of complete house consist of only 80 kg in weight which is very less than any other material use in the house. A few years later Japan Doam House company had constructed a village of same kind consisting of 480 houses. Those houses were damaged again and again due to the heavy shocks of earthquake in Kayush village zone a place in Japan.

Last year when intense earth quake struck there most of the houses either perished completely,wracked or become unfit to survival. This is the place Kayush Village Zone is the smallest village which was save from the heavy and horrible shocks of earth quake and had faced no damage. Due to one story maximum of five members can live in it. There construction does not suit the urban areas. Rather than the places around the urban areas or the far off areas can get benefit from it. Where more place is available for these kind of constructions.

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