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Smog in Pakistan causes side affects safety

Smog in Pakistan causes side affects safety

Smog in Pakistan causes side affects safety

Smog in Pakistan causes side affects safety

Smog in Pakistan causes side affects safety. What is smog? How it takes place? Where it founds often? What are its causes to develop into a disastrous circumstances?  What are the side affects and harms and how it cause disease?  From where it comes and what are the safeties from it. Smog is a very common word but its after affects are very dangerous.

Smog in Pakistan causes side affects safety


Word smog is the combination of smoke and fog which occurs almost in industrial and in very populated areas. This word is the mixture of two different words smoke and fog. This type of contamination is happened when these gases mix with each other Nitrogen Oxide and Sulphur Oxide or Ozone or in other words the contamination which can not be seen clearly for example Carbon Mono Oxide and ChloroFluorocarbon gases is one of them example through which this smog has made. Smog is basically a different word which is used basically in the winter days when there is  fog every where in the atmosphere. Now a days this words is commonly being used by almost every person in this universe. To understand this phenomenon we have to discuss in details that what is this smog word. Smog is not only a word but it is a teasing and disturbing phenomenon which first happened in England in the late 19th century till to the mid of the 20th century and it creates lots of difficulties for the people where 12,000 people died due to this disaster. Now a days it is being found mainly in the Asian countries like Bangladesh,Srilanka, Maldives,Nepal,Pakistan and many other countries of Asia. It has such disastrous affects on people and how it came into existence. It will be discussed in its causes below. Smog in Pakistan causes side affects safety.

Causes of smog:

Word smog is not being used for the first time it was the word of late 19th to till mid 20th century where it had the certain affects on the people. It had earlier happened in English country where it took the precious lives with it. People of that time was not familiar with this word that how much dangerous it could be for their lives but it came and make disaster on the huge scale in England. Many people died due to the unawareness of the fact that it can take you to the cleaners. Unaware of the fact as a result it damages a lot in England. But this time after a long while it took place in the Asian countries including pakistan and till now it has damages a lot to a limit but not so as it damaged in the late 19th and mid of 20th century. It has certain affects on people. First how it takes place this is one of the question which is now a days being discuss by every person. Smog occurs at those places where the atmosphere kept low, Vehicles smoke coming from internal combustion of engines, Industrial zone chimneys coming out smoke and many other causes. These severe type of smoke and gases in the atmosphere combines with the light and energy of the sun make a photochemical smog which afterwards converts into a clouds of huge dust around in the atmosphere. This dust surrounds the areas and affects the atmosphere by its existence. It can also causes severe accidents on the roads due to low visibility. It has certain affects on human life and in result we can not close eyes before thuis huge difficulty some how a person has to find a way to get rid of him and if we see this is not only the responsibility of an individual but it is a concern of the whole society. They have to defend it in any way.This is not the problem of a single life. It has larger scale affects.

Side affects:

If some difficulty came in the way it has also some side affects. It is a nature law that every thing in this universe has a side affect and there is also a solution for it to handle by wisdom. Its up to the person how he takes it. It has certain causes we have discussed earlier. It has side affects as a disease has some side affects. In the late 19th till mid of 20th century it came in Europe countries where people were unaware of its damages. They had no awareness at that time. the technology was not so fast as it is now at the present time. As we see smog is only a word but it a very disturbing huge problem for the people. This time its target is Asian countries where till now it has damages a lot. Certain lives are affected till now from its anger. Specially in Pakistan due to smog many diseases are spreading very fastly. It has caused respiration,breathing,cough,tear in eyes and certain many other diseases. We see that it has a wide range affects side affects on the luives of the people trapped in a whole it damages a lot in these countries including pakistan.

Safety and remedy from Smog:

Where there is certains damaging affects of this smog there is also a cure or a remedy of it. As per law of nature every action has a reaction. Every thing has a cancellation affect same like the case here. If people of this region are facing or suffering from this smog there is also a way to get rid or escape from it by applying safety or remedy for the happening diseases. People can avoid from it in different ways. It has affected every field of life and in India Delhi almost crippled the life for the time being. This is not the big issue that we stop our routine matter work. We have to apply some changes on us  to get rid of this or to find some solution. As  we discussed earlier where there is a disease there is  also a cure for it. Specially for this smog purpose we have to use a hand kerchief  on our mouths if we are riding a bike or some thing else. But if we are driving a car on a highway or a road we have to make sure that our car head lights are in good condition. As this smog covers the atmosphere with the lower dust clouds combination of different gases with the light of the sun. In houses we have to kept in mind that we have to cover our heads and face completely. And if in spite of all this safety we will get sick or ill. Try your best to go to your doctor at once without wasting your time and take the treatment before this smog will attack your body and makes you unable to do anything else and also makes your life almost crippled. If we see around there are 95% diseases which has also their cure in this universe according to our latest science research. Smog in Pakistan causes side affects safety.


So, take care of yourself and avoid this weather as much as you can and in condition to feel something serious at once go to your doctor and take the treatment and get well soon. Take the precautionary measures according to the weather conditions.Smog in Pakistan causes side affects safety.

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