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Future of Robots Rivals of Humans

Future of Robots Rivals of Humans

Future of Robots Rivals of Humans. The inventions of new technology in science provides another opportunity to the world to raise the standard of their life. Every field of science serves the humanity. but some people thought that some inventions of science may effect the life style of people or ruin the world. Under this discussion, the new technology, robots are always at the hit point. Many people believed that by the advancement in the field of robots, many things will be easier to done. Because in many advanced countries, people are trying to serve others by using robots in hotels, restaurants and even in factories for the sake of experiment. Their main aim is only to do something which is in favour of the whole world. But in reality, many people thought that the use of robots instead of humans in hotels and factories may increase the level of unemployment . This increase must raise the point of poverty. But other people give the justification that by using robots, we can increase the production of our industries. Which in turn increase the economy of a country.

Future of Robots Rivals of Humans
So, in this modern world, many countries this technology in different ways. One of them is discuss here. the cost of hotel rooms increase in the whole world because a lot of people prefer to live in hotels when they visit other countries or the cities of the same country. To solve this issue, a CEO of a Huis Ten Bosch theam park take a big step. A number of robotics and engineers together create a big plan, named “Hen-na Hotel”.

It’s a two story building two hundred people involved to do it happens. A large number of people who are expert engineers, architecture robotics and extraordinary efficient in environmental and constructional design are involved in it. It has not only the facility of talking robots but the engineers are trying to give people , the facilities of world best hotels. Their main aim to make the cheapest and low cost hotel of the world. Instead of hotels, human workers are also needed but their ratio is very low. This hotel gives a chance to the engineers or robotics to create a link between robots and humans and then study their interaction. But they thought that robots run the hotel more efficiently then humans. If this concept becomes successful then they thought that they make two other hotels of the same type may be somewhere in japan or in some other country.

The Hotel is situated in the hot, humid main southern isle of Japan, the “Kyushu”. Someone thought it would be insane. The temperature of that place is 93 degree Fahrenheit but the hotel was a bit cool. The reason behind it was a network of high end radiator panel that are combined with heat absorbing bricks, special type of reflective paint and long rows of solar panels on the roof. It also contains sensors that monitor temperature less to the individual room. It is said that the design of roofs of this hotel was just like the tearooms of Japanese, whose best feature is to block the summer sun rays but they allow the winter sun rays to pass inside.

The price of this is around 30 percent less then the prices of the other best hotels. All these type of engineering techniques and environmental planning is only to reduce the prices. They are trying to make it clean, stylish, refreshing and low cost hotels as compared to others. But one problem is that the room cleaning is only done when you pay for it or you wish to live there more than a week.

The design of the hotel is perfect not only for humans but also for the staff of hotel that are robots. One of the expert, name Hagi-san, from Tokyo University told that they make two path slope that are around the lobby of hotel One of the path slope moves up to the second floor just obne inches and the other path slope moves down to the first floor. The robots guides the guest to their rooms through these paths slopes along with their baggage, on either first floor or second floor.

The security system is very unique. For the scanning of face the low power LED lighting located first check in and second at the entrance of each guest room. When the face is detected at check in and the next steps occur in different machines that work together and at last the directions are delivered by the enigmatic robotic receptionists. The changes may occur in the near future based on the performance of this robotic system.

Everything is not for the good of humans. This technology is very unique but most of the people called this situation uncomfortable and a great harm for the working people. So some thought that Future of Robots Rivals of Humans

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