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Noise pollution effects on environment

Noise pollution effects on environment

Noise pollution effects on environment

Noise pollution effects on environment . Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Uahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh noise noise noise everywhere in the world .With passing time and modern age and technology noise pollution increases because this age is machine age . In today time for every work machines are used and machine are full of different noises and create noise pollution .In today time where washing machine and refrigerator beep juicer and blender create noise . Heavy noise of traffic on the road noise of generator and all time noise of announcement on railway stations and last but not least mobile ringtones and sounds get your attention .In this noise polluted environment if we get some peaceful time it is a luxurious time for us . Some days earlier a movie is released name “In pursuit of silence ” which is also based on noise pollution and how to live a  peaceful life .It is proven by research that noise is  harmful for our health more than our thoughts and noise is destroying our health very seriously. According to world health organization noise pollution is second biggest danger after air pollution for world people .

Noise pollution effects on environment

Noise pollution causes depression , insomnia heart diseases and overweight and many other diseases. According to  a new research noise pollution make people fat and increase their weight very fastly .Because of this reason western  people organise many events in which silence is given importance and in these silent events  dating silent evenings are also included . In these evenings unmarried people sending msgs  to each other through gestures without voice . Such dinner parties organized in which it is tried that the focus of people should be upon food not on talking to each other .Great Britian researcher professor Stephen stansfeld who belong to Queen Merry university of London is working on adverse effects of noise on our health since 30 years . He said that now people are aware of the importance of silence and thay are trying their best for making their atmosphere peaceful . Now machines with less noise are launching in market and their importance is increasing day by day . Let talk about the bad effects of noise on our health and environment .


God has created our body in such  a way that we respond to every voice or noise  near us . After  hearing any voice our body first secret Dopamin chemical  . Physiologist Nerina Ramlakhan said after dopamin our body prepare adrenaline  and noradrenaline which  help us to save from any alarming situation of any danger . If we hear continuous noise then our body prepare cortisol .Cortisol is a stress hormone which have a bad affect on our health.If cortisol increase in our body it causes many diseases like irritable bowel syndrome , sleep problems , headache , infertility and also increased blood pressure . because your body is always in active position because of noise .

Paralysis attacks 

 Professor Stansfield said that by listening noise regularly our blood pressure is high which increases chance of heart attack and paralysis .Medical researches shows that people living near noise areas like airport or some market have more chances of heart and paralysis attacks. According to world health organisation by listening noise above 55 decibels regularly causes high blood pressure and heart attack. American researches shows that people working in offices with medium noise are suffering from mental stress more than other offices  . In Carniel university women working in open areas offices have more stress hormone  than women working in closed silente offices . When a puzzle is given to both women women working in noise areas have more tiresome and bored than other women .They are more fresh and energetic.

Memory weakness 

According to professor Stansfield it is evident from 20 researches that kids that are grown up in areas with heavy noise like near airport or market are weak in studies language learning and memory weakness . Excessive cortisol hormone in body affect brain (planning center ) prefrontal cortex which causes hindrances   in learning something .


Noise pollution also increase your  weight .It is proved in a research in Sweden that people living in noise areas are overweight and their weight is increasing by 2 mililiter . So noise is also harmful for your body health .

There are many machine in our houses which create noise like refrigerator , vacuum cleaner ,washing machine , food mixer and much more .These cause noise pollution and affect our health badly . We should be careful in using these things to avoid noise pollution so that we live a healthy and long life


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