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A Girl Sneeze 8 Thousand Times a Day

A Girl Sneeze 8 Thousand Times a Day

A Girl Sneeze 8 Thousand Times a Day.A worried mother who lives in great Britian ask help from the whole world for her 9 years old daughter . Ira saksena a 9 years old girl sneeze 8 thousand times a day

A Girl sneeze 8 thousand times a day

In 1 minute she sneeze 10 times unintentionally. Doctors are also worried and wondered  about this strange condition of this girl . Normally a person sneeze during any type of allergy or suffering from cold or flue but doctors said that Ira is not suffering from any allergy or cold , flue . She stop sneezing only when she sleep and now  she is not going to school because of her condition . Her mother Priya  shown her to different doctors and specialist but no one diagnose her sickness. Her Mother Priya told that some days before when Ira wake up from sleep she start sneezing and after that she continously sneeze  her condition worsen . There is no betterment in her condition . Doctors said that it is possible that some wrong signals send to Ira brain or   part  is twitching is the reason . But they are not in the position  to say with full confidence. they give her steroids and anti histamine (anti allergy) medicine but no medicine work on her .  she stops only when she is given hypnotherapy for only one hour after that it again started.  Her mother said now I wanted to shown her to a homeopathic doctor. she said it is good that she is in deep sleep for the whole night because of which she stop sneezing.Because of her condition she is away from all happiness of life . I also felt pain when she is in pain . Mrs Saksena said i want that she is back to normal as soon as possible . Before Ira  Virginia resident Loren Jonson  a 12 years old girl start sneezing 1000 times a day in 2009. But in her case an immunologist diagnosis her disease and said that  because of an infection in throat her immunity system is disturbed . Ira ‘s mother appeal to the whole world that if any one help her for the diagnose of her daughter disease or cure of this disease then  contact her on her E – mail address


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