How to remove fish odour from hands

How to remove fish odour from hands

 Remove fish odour from hands is such a difficult task for every person who is in love with fish and want to cook and eat food . In winter fish is the top most favorite food of all age groups along with dry fruits .  Fish contain many important nutrients which are directly or indirectly helps to improve your health . It contain vitamin D , protein and also a good amount of Omega 3 fatty acids . All these have incredible effect on your body and brain . So every person should eat fish in winter in an adequate amount .

Remove fish odour from hands

We have a good option to eat fish at some restaurant or in hotels or on roadside . But best way to eat healthy and tasty fish we try it at home . Many women cook fish at their home and the only problem they face is how to remove fish odour from their hands . Women tries many products from market and also home but all in vain . Soap , hand wash lotions , expensive gels and homemade remedies to remove smell  but nothing work . In this post I tell you a 2 ingredient tip to remove smell of fish from your hand . This is the most easy way to get rid of this bad smell .

Remedy to remove fish odour from hands

Take 2 tbsp of baking soda in a cup . Baking soda is easily available in your houses and add half lemon into it . Mix well till it becomes foamy and make bubbles . Now take half mixture in your hand and rub well for few minutes now dip your hands in a bowl full of Luke warm water . After that remove your hands from water and dry them  with a soft towel . Get more health tips gharelo totkay from our website   and also join our Facebook page to get latest  from us …………….

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