Beautiful Arabic Mehndi design

Beautiful Arabic Mehndi design

Beautiful Arabic Mehndi design. Mehndi or “Mehendi” or henna is a paste that is present in a cone-shaped tube and is made to make designs for women. For women, it is usually paste on the palm, back of the hand and on feet, where the design will be clear due to contrast with the  skin on the surfaces, which naturally contain less of the pigment melanin. Muslims of Indian & Pakistan  subcontinent also apply Mehndi during their festivals like Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha.Mehndi design is although popular in all over the world but its origin is India and Pakistan . Here women use henna and mehndi  is used on different occasions like Eid ul fitr Eid ul Azha and indian function like diwali , teej , karvva chauth , and many other …. Women decorate their body with cosmetic  and for  hand and feet they use henna to make their hands and feet more beautiful and attractive . In this post we will share New Mehndi Design of latest fashion trend. It is also very much popular around the world  and especially in Europe countries . Henna is called as mehndi tatoos or (Araq) in these countries . Its colour is not permanent but for sometime it increases beauty of hands and feet .Get more Beautiful Arabic mehndi design . Mehndi is also very much used in wedding function . There are many categories of mehndi design like simple and bridal mehndi design of Pakistan  ,Indian mehndi design and Arabic mehndi design .

Today girl want arabic mehndi design on functions and special occasions . I represent some stunning and beautiful  arabic design . Arabic mehndi design is a dark coloured and intense mehndi design looks more beautiful and gorgeous because of which it is more popular . See these awesome design and tried at your home.


Beautiful Arabic Mehndi design 2016-2017.

Here is the Beautiful Arabic Mehndi design look gorgeous and increased grace of your hand. Mehndi is very much popular among asian girls .it is used in almost many festivals eid ,wedding or some other occasions of celebrations. Mehndi design always attract girls and they always use it on their hands and made beautiful design here is a beautiful collection of Beautiful Arabic Mehndi design 2016-2017 that increase grace of girl hand . Mehndi is very much popular in women especially asian women and they use it on every function especially on eid and weddings for latest pakistani and other types of mehndi designs Popular mehndi design 2016 2017 here is a collection of popular mehndi design that looks beautiful mehndi design. here is a design which is little difficult but graceful  mehndi design 2016-2017 if you want this design save it and use it .

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