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How to Install WordPress with Cpanel

How to Install WordPress with Cpanel

How to Install WordPress with Cpanel .Todays tip is about How to Install WordPress in Cpanel I will explain you with screenshots.By these screenshots you will easily get it .First of all open your Cpanel hosting account which  is shown in picture below:

How to Install WordPress with Cpanel


Sofware installer is different in different cpanels hostings . In my panel i have sofculous in which all sofwares are present like wordpress , joomla , drupal and many more…… I prefer wordpress because it is best for making websites .I will show you two software installer.See in  screenshots below




Web application Installer:


Now open your software installer and see wordpress in it


Now is the time to install wordpress .click on the icon which is pointed in the picture above you will see a form


Here is the form to  fill


Fill the form as described in pic


Next step


In username and password area write username & password of your choice and select language & admin email address. after that you have to choose your theme according to your site for example entertainment site or bussiness or many more you have many theme choices in wordpress . Choose theme


Click Install


congragulation your wordpress is installed you will  get this notification

8here you see your website Url and also admin panel Url :

after clicking your admin url you will get this page:


Here  you write your username and password which you already set in your wordpress installation

After login you will see your dashboard just like the pic below. From here you edit your website easily dasboard screenshot post will be avilable soon


The first look of your website is seen in screenshot below Now it is ready start posting your content





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